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All photos & video: Dakota Fine

The idea was simple- for Valentine’s day, we’d do a photo shoot that would create a the perfect DC Valentine’s day card containing massive kissing chain across our city: x kisses y, y kisses z, z kisses you…. and so on and so forth.

We made the call open to public since we really wanted BYT readers to be part of it (feeling the love and all) and on a very rainy Saturday afternoon, at the Gibson Guitar Showroom, we had some fun kissing complete strangers (being fueled by vitaminwaterzero and smirnoff cocktails definitely helped-ed).

This video is the final product, and you HAVE TO see it because it will single handedly make you be ok with this holiday: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY DC

PHOTO OUTTAKES (please email us at [email protected] get more of yours)

DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-102 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-115 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-121 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-131 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-142 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-147 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-154 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-158 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-162 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-168 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-185 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-205 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-212 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-225 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-236 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-252 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-264 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-269 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-278 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-293 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-308 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYT-319 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-101 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-104 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-103 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-102 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-105 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-106 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-108 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-109 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-110 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-111 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-112 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-113 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-114 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-115 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-116 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-117 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-119 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-120 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-121 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-122 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-123 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-126 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-124 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-125 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-126 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-127 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-128 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-129 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-131 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-132 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-133 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-134 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-136 DF11_2.5_Vday_BYTvert-137