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By Joe McAdam

Chris Christie, New Jersey’s soon-to-be-former governor, is a world class dink. He’ll be leaving office with a ludicrous 14% approval rating, and a nasty Trump stink all over him. How did he lose his way? Illegally closing lanes on the George Washington, or being caught sunning himself on beaches he had recently closed to the public sure didn’t help, but I’d like to think it’s the little things. I’d like to think it’s because of his penchant for yelling at civilians. Here are the top five time Chris Christie has blown his stack at someone.


Here’s a brand new one! It’s not on YouTube yet, but give it a spin! It’s a classic, “You think you can do this better than I can? Be my guest!” argument. Very popular with people who are bad at doing jobs.


We’re coming in hot here. The top of the clip features some protestors being escorted out, which may have riled the Gov, but he ends up taking it out in the most wienery way possible on this teacher asking about, I dunno, some boring local government thing. It’s a little long, you can drop off after you get your fill.


Just look at this sassy lil so-n-so! That stance! This one’s all about the attitude. That’s the beauty of these clips, they’re a rainbow of colors of Chris Christie’s condescension.


OK, enough of politics for a second, let’s get into the real business. Here’s our main man havin’ a lick on an adorable ice cream cone on the boardwalk. I have no idea what happens prior to this video but I know that it ends with Christie telling a guy to “keep walkin'” a sentiment backed up by a perfect Jersey stereo-type that has attached himself to the lamest Sinatra of all time.


Number one with a bullet. Perhaps shows a glimmer of hope as to what Christie’s civilian life will give us. We know that for the rest of his days he won’t be able to go out in public without being heckled, that’s a given, what we didn’t know is how he’d react. Well, he’d get two inches from your face and breath nacho fumes into your beard. I look forward to a whole lot more of this. See you at the ballpark, Chris!