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This was a pretty good year for the internets. First we got a good definition of the thing itself. Then everyone on earth was exposed to the star making power of condescension and head-turning in ye old Chocolate Rain. I’d include that on the master list except it annoyed the pants off me. So did What What (In the Butt) for that matter, only in a different, even more chocolatey way.

The only thing missing from 07 is an OK GO style indie-rock breakout video. Maybe I missed it. Is there a really good video by Panda Bear perhaps that would explain why people listen to him?

Anyway here are the top ten songs that got stuck in my tubes this year. (Some may have been recorded or released in previous years but only became Memey this year. Like the adjective Memey, which I am totally going to make happen.)

10. The Wrong Trousers – Video Killed the Radio Star
Pitchfork rated this the best music video of the year. That is ridiculous, but it is a catchy rendition of a classic and poignant tune, now on its 4th Level of irony. Their recorded output isn’t up to this live capture’s quality of cuteness, but hopefully they’ll get there soon. In the case of Youtube, video is now birthing the radio stars.

9. TV On The Net
I don’t have time to watch TV so I let other people do it for me and email me links to the best tunes like:
Doo Dah Doo Doo from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job or
Day Man from that program about Philadelphia
The Sloths song from Saturday Night Live (not as catchy as Dick in A Box, but funnier) and
Any One Of Many songs from Flight of the Conchords.

8. Scraper Bike
This is some real life shit. “We don’t need no car!” Final proof that custom bikes are way more baller than some factory BMW.

7. Charles Has A Licking Problem
Toothpaste for Dinner cartoonist Drew wrote a song for his pug and posted it on youtube. Many hilariously dumb comments later, the song is still undeniably catchy. It helps if you have a friend named Charles so you can change the lyric to “You Have A Drinking Pro-blem!” when the need arises.

6. Wee Man
I have no clue what this means but here it is anyway. I guess Scottish turns out to be twice as incomprehensible as more remote languages, like this traditional Brazilian freestyle battle, recorded in 2002 but uploaded to youtube in 07, which I think I understand. I’ve watched both of these far too many times, so I’m prepared to visit both of these countries and fluently speak the language.

5. Peter Nalitch – Gitar
Russia’s first internet sensation. It’s less Tay Zonday and more Right Said Fred, a partially unwitting parody that is way better musically that it has a right to be. Sort of like last years #1—Loituma’s Leva’s Polka, which led to this clip, probably the best thing ever on the internet.

4. Alanis Morissette — My Humps
She’s finally figured it out. If you say something with a straight face but mean the opposite you make a much more powerful point that simply stating your position. Somehow this track manages to spoof Black Eyed Peas and Alanis’ own styles at the same time, plus she looks hotter than Fergie here, DO NOT DISPUTE ME. Iconic, don’t ya think?

3. Can I Smell Your Dick
So amazing it doesn’t even need a video, or an explanation. Could someone with talent please create an acoustic cover of this to trump the mediocre ones we’ve got so far? Ted Leo I’m looking at you!

2. Kenny Winkler – Now We Can Make Love
This was the year of Brad Neely. Everything he touches on Superdeluxe turns to amazing. The Professor Brothers rendition of his first single is funnier, and Babycakes’ rap-spittin is more funky-philosophical, but this Winkler vid establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt that tri-corner hats are gonna be HUGE next year.

1. Best Video Ever
I’m pretty sure you know what this is, so don’t click it. Oh, who are you kidding you’re going to click it because you realized after like the 100th accidental viewing that it’s a really great song. I paid a terrible bar band floozy $150 to sing this to the casino floor at the Tropicana this summer, and despite not understanding the joke, all the old Asian ladies and guidos were dancing and singing along merrily. So here you go a little composition I like to call: 2guys1fence.