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all photos: Stephanie Breijo

Martini has been called “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet”.  Simple yet precise, smooth yet deadly, it is the drink people who want to know exactly what they’re drinking choose. It is also, as we know, the cocktail of choice for the world’s favorite fictional spy James Bond, and so we figured that it would only be right to bring the finest 2013 DC martini world has to offer to our SHARKS & LASERS: A Bond Villain Ball at the International Spy Museum this Friday.


We did some research and decided to reach out to our friends at J & G Steakhouse (at the W Hotel) who JUST launched a super sweet martini cart brimming with wonderful cocktail accoutrement which they roll around the dining room and make everyone’s vodka/gin/vermouth dreams come true. They will be set-up at the “roof” bar at Operation Spy adventure on Friday but can also be found at the W any old day of the week.

William Sheridan, the man behind the cart, was kind enough to both show us the drink they’ll be serving on Friday (their signature one, aptly named Goldfinger!) as well as answer some of our FAMQ’s (frequently asked martini questions)

W Hotel Martini Cart Gold Martini DC Photos Brightest Young Things12

So, GOLDFINGER first. The drink is a variation on Ian Fleming’s favorite cocktail the VESPER (Also the name of the first true Bond love in the debut novel Casino Royale) and is in a unique position both appease and divide martini lovers because it has BOTH gin and vermouth in it. Put equal parts in, add some Lillet Blanc vermouth for both a nice warmth and sweetness and stir. After the stirring is done, the wow factor comes in: Sheridan pulls out a vial of 18 karat gold essence and swirls it into the drink. The effect is both delicious and well, instantly instragrammable. We can wait to see you all holding it on Friday.

W Hotel Martini Cart Gold Martini DC Photos Brightest Young Things5W Hotel Martini Cart Gold Martini DC Photos Brightest Young Things7

Now for those FAMQ’s:

  • Should you keep the liquor in the freezer? YES. J&G keeps their vodkas and gins in subzero temperatures, and then rolls them around on ice on the cart.
  • Shaking or stirring, what gives? Vodka, you can shake. Gin, with all the herbal undertones, is best stirred to not crush the flavors.
  • Olives or twist? Really a matter of preference, but don’t be afraid to go outside the box either- the J&G cart offers no less than 10 accoutrement choices including pickled onions, stuffed olives, cornichons and more.
  • On the rocks or up? Keep it up, if you can.
  • Dirty martini is it a sacrilege? It really all depends on taste, but try not to drink nothing but olive juice, really. The whole point of a martini is to enjoy the flavors of liquor at hand, not muddle it too much with extraneous factors.

All duly noted.

We’ll see you holding those gold laced martinis this Friday at the International Spy Museum (roof deck of OPERATION SPY is the secret location), and swing by J & G Steakhouse (at the W Hotel) any time you’re in the mood for some martini therapy. They know what they’re doing.

W Hotel Martini Cart Gold Martini DC Photos Brightest Young Things6W Hotel Martini Cart Gold Martini DC Photos Brightest Young Things3W Hotel Martini Cart Gold Martini DC Photos Brightest Young Things11