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A mix of news and not news, new stuff and old stuff, here is everything you need to help that lunch break / Metro ride / boring activity go by quicker.

  • The must read of the last 24 hours is Washingtonian’s “I Watched a Lobbyist Reenact Seth Rich’s Death. It Was a Live Production of Fake News.” The quote that sticks with you is, “It’s going to be another Comet pizza.”
  • You can buy Danzig’s house. The listing doesn’t say it’s Danzig’s house but it’s Danzig’s house.

  • The City Paper wrote an interesting piece about tiki bars. Does D.C. have too many? It’s up to you to decide if we do. What the article doesn’t mention is tiki bars tend to be in thriving neighborhoods. It’s a privilege problem. Too many tropical drinks is not really a problem. Anyway, we really like Jack Rose’s tiki menu, specifically on Thursdays, which happens to be today.

Jack Rose Tiki Bar

Inside the Artist Studio National Zoo