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A mix of news and not news, new stuff and old stuff, here is everything you need to help that lunch break / Metro ride / boring activity go by quicker.

  • People are making enough money to pay for their college tuition by streaming video games on Twitch. I started watching on Twitch account in particular recently, so I kind of get it and I kind of think it’s the wildest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • The Smithsonian Castle caught on fire a little bit, but don’t worry, everything is okay.
  • There’s some anti-semitic graffiti in Georgetown because we can’t have a single day go by without a deeply shitty thing happening.
  • For the first time in many years, you’ll be able to visit that giant Mormon temple that kind of looks like the Magic Castle. Get hyped!

  • Adam Eidinger, cofounder of DCMJ, is not going to be arrested for passing out joints on 4/20.
  • If you like beer, get goddamn pumped because The Bruery is coming to D.C. They’ll be opening up shop near Union Market and I can’t wait to drink Tart of Darkness everyday for the rest of my life.