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If you need a jam to kick off your weekend, you’ve come to the right place. We’re incredibly pleased to premiere the new music video for The Ocean Blue’s jangly and dance-y (yet slightly melancholic) song “Paraguay, My Love.”

Directed by Paraguayan filmmaker Monica Ismael, the video features sumptuous views and some fun hand-held camera work. It looks like something you could have made in film school if you also had casual access to a sky diver (and lived in a deeply beautiful place). It’s like your friend’s vacation videos, but slightly weirder. There’s a nostalgic, sun-drenched feel to it, but also there’s also more than one scene where a woman caresses a sunflower.

What I’m saying is that it’s a rollercoaster ride for your eyes, but don’t just trust me, here’s what front man David Schelzel has to say:

“‘Paraguay, My Love’ was written on our last tour in South America, and presents a romantic and escapist view of someone reassessing their life and wanting to get far away from it all. The video was made entirely on location in Paraguay, by some beautiful and talented friends of ours there.”

Want to hear this jam live? The Ocean Blue will be in D.C. October 4 at Union Stage. Check out their tour dates here.