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There is a relatively new sport that is not yet in the Winter Olympics and it is AMAZING. And by “amazing” we mean WTF?! And by “wtf?!” we mean AMAZING. Let us introduce you to Synchronized Skating.

We keep questioning why this is not yet an Olympic sport. We blame Russia’s new anti-gay propaganda law (or, possibly Stoli vodka…we’re not too up to date on what we’re boycotting today). Actually, we do blame Russia. As the host country, they got to pick a couple sports to add to the games. They chose the very boring “Team Figure Skating” instead of synchronized skating because their athletes are favored to win. So, basically Vladimir Putin ruins everything.

What is Team Figure Skating? You have to see it to believe it.

Here is the Russian team skating to “I Will Always Love You” just BECAUSE:

But, WAIT. F-You Russia. Team USA is gonna do it again to Jay-Z and Rihanna:

Dear International Olympic Committee, we kindly ask that you make this an Olympic sport NOW.