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Once again, here’s your weekly dose of THE Hysteria!

We finally seem to have entered winter, but the sounds keep getting hotter, heading towards our next giant party night, New Year’s Eve.

DJ Harry Hotter is easily one of the city’s finest DJs, and whomever your favorite DJ is in the city, he’s easily one of their favorite DJs. Harry routinely is at the bottle service spots these days, and yes, that’s him with none other than the “R of R & B” R. Kelly from last Wednesday night at Lux Lounge. Both men look so bemused by their good fortune here I HAD to kick off the column with this. Harry’s versatility is his calling card. Need proof, check his Right On! Mix from the ceased AV Lifestyle Group summer Sunday rooftop Coolout parties.




No, this isn’t in any way Rodney King related, but LA’s Fools Gold Records signed LA Riots do create quite the panic with their techno and electro trending house take on getting the sweat pouring on the dance floor. Having done official remixes for Justice, The Ting Tings, Crystal Castles and upcoming, our own favorites Nadastrom, and so many more, the duo are in town to play at Ultrabar as part of their seemingly perpetual touring schedule.



House music legend Robbie Rivera comes to Fur on Saturday night. Between 2003 and 2004, the very, very deep and funky house and breakbeat DJ had three US Dance chart number one singles, and continues to release new music to this day, easily being one of the more prolific veteran DJs around. He’s touring in support of his new studio release Closer to the Sun. If a fan of house music, this would absolutely be a worthwhile set to check out.


chillelement kidsposter

DJ Lil’ El tends to DJ these days at some of the more under the radar but developing weekly events in the city as early in her career as a DJ, she learns and hones her craft. Yes, literally every bar, club, eatery, diner, pet shop, furnishing store, athletic gear shop, etc. seems to be employing a DJ in the city these days, but there are a few spots that are definitely worth a visit. DC’s Science Club, just behind the Golden Triangle has always been a fairly busy party spot. However, Lil’ El and DJ Balagan’s “Ill Element” weekly has popped off very well as of late, with a mix of popular electro and hip hop jams and solid happy hour beer prices. If you haven’t been, do stop by tonight for “Chill Element,” where fund raising will be done for Chill, a nonprofit learn-to-snowboard program whose mission is to build the self-esteem of under served youth. Yes, rare, a party with a VERY decent cause other than sweating, face melting and/or inebriation. There will be a raffle as well, for a NEW BURTON BOARD/BINDINGS SETUP, backpacks, hoodies and t-shirts.

Lil’El’s other party, KIDS, the DC9 shindig that celbrates the classic, kitschy and singalong worthy jams of 90s hip hop jumps off this weekend. Yes, you too can emulate your favorite Dr. Dre video with free Olde English until 10, and your favorite Snoop video with free condoms all night. She’s joined by the always excellent Nacey and Steve Starks (who REALLY shine in their selections at this party), and the big time grinding and always busy these days DJ Jackie O.


Roxy Cottontail and her “Hey Girl Hey” crew came to town two weeks ago and threw an elegant little shindig with a lot of attractive people, including DJ’s Jackie O and Fabiana, and a solid mix of great music at Aloft at National Harbor two weeks ago.


If not already aware, Latin tinged house, namely Freestyle, is coming back. No, it’s not meaning that there’s going to be a full invasion of TKA, Lissette Melendez or Two Without Hats (not that this is at all a bad thing), but that there’s a lot of very interesting interpretations floating about of Latin themed, definitely Freestyle influenced dance sounds.

DJ Gina Turner and Dutch master Laidback Luke have combined to create the Nouveau Yorican team for France’s Sound Pellegrino imprint. Blending the jack beats of CHicago House with some Nuyorican Soul really doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea, so, for an idea of what is coming from this sound, check Gina Turner’s Nouveau Yorican mix including three mixes of first Nouveau Yorican single “Boriqua.”

And yes, Diplo strikes again. I introduce to you 21 year old Dominicana, Maluca. “El Tigeraso” as both a track and video will completely alter every notion you’ve had about just about everything all day. Electro merengue. You’re welcome.


And yes, just to throw it in, Burns visited DC along with Deadmau5 last week. I had the chance to sit with Burns for 15 minutes and discuss Daft Punk, his other musical inspirations, Calvin Harris, and how he crafts his sound. Do enjoy!


Thursday, December 3rd

The third floor of Muse weekly started by Ackshun Jackson has finally been assembled. Y.O.Y.O. (You’re Only Young Once) will now feature Reed Rothchild, Ackshun Jackson, Obeyah and K-Beta’s Urban Artistry Dance Crew. Club, hip hop, house and electro.

The souful, spaced and odd, yet motivating minimalist sounds of classic techno veteran Big Bully are at The Electric Cabaret.

DJs Doc Rok and Cold Case are at Rock and Roll Hotel upstairs for Beat Market.

Friday, December 4th

Sorted at Black Cat Backstage with Stereo Faith, and Baltimore’s Uncle Jesse. Three of the area’s more versatile DJs spin Brit Pop, soul and bangers.

Do you like house and techno? Loda at Gallery has the “Give Back”charity event where for the price of five cans of food or a winter coat, you get Lovegrove, Locks, Lexus King, Harry Ransom, Axiom & Brandon Black, SUNe, Measax and Joe L. Humongous lineup.

Joe Nice with an entire main room of Dubstep at 24 with Smash Gordon, MCs Armanni & Sharpness, Encryption, Mob Barley, Marmoset vs Madam Bliss, Miss JessFX and MC Checkwun. One thing that can be said about 24 is that consistently has the most deep and entertaining niche market parties in the city.

Drop It! @ Rock and Roll Hotel Upstairs with Houston and Illy, Bobby Jae and Patural and Ken Lazee.

District After Dark with Richmond’s Bobby LaBeat,  Gavin Holland & DJ Smudge at the 9:30 Club Backbar. Remember, backbar events start at 11 PM.

Saturday, December 5th

Bangers at Panache with possibly the most criminally underrated as a top tier DJ in the city, Jerome Baker III. The guy spins nationally, puts out hot mixes at betterthanyours.net, and deserves a ton of credit for holding it down.


Fur closes the year strong with Paul van Dyk’s Vandit Records showcase of Filo and Peri and Giuseppe Ottovani on December 12th, Bobina’s Russian trance on December 19th, and Joachim Garraud on December 26th. Black Cat presents the James Brown Holiday Death-mas on Christmas night. This probably doesn’t mean hearing this gem, but it still sounds amazing nonetheless. And on December 23rd at Bmore’s Sonar, the Baltimore Bass Connection is throwing BBC Xmas Party Part 6: Chopped and Scrooged. Not only is that a great name, but with Amanda Blank, Ninjasonik, The Death Set, Spank Rock, Dave Nada and Blu Jemz in the house, amongst many, this is going to be the year’s most ridiculous shindig.


James Nasty drops incredible new Bmore club jams and more on holiday parties.

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