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Yes, I’m back. After an extended hiatus, I’ve decided to bring back my weekly electronic dance music report to Brightest Young Things. My name is Marcus Dowling, and I spend a pretty fair amount of time writing about all music, EDM included in a myriad of places, my own True Genius Requires Insanity, The Couch Sessions, NYC clothier Mishka’s Bloglin and hapily back here on a regular basis at Brightest Young Things.

Foremost, I’ve decided to remove the old weekly schedule. I’m doing this because BYT All City is here, and I encourage DJs, promoters and partiers alike to use it as a resource. Since stopping the column last year, DC has imploded and is even more of a hotbed than usual of exciting daily, weekly and monthly EDM events happening virtually everywhere. I’ll touch on a few upcoming events of note, but I do urge everyone to use BYT All City. It’s a fairly simple process with a great reward.

  • Yes, that’s Pauly D from the Jersey Shore. And yes, Saturday night, he was at Fur, which if you’re looking for top tier trance and techno headliners pulled directly from the headlines of major mainstream TV or DJ Magazine’s Top 100 ratings, is the place to go. Tiesto was there the week prior, and prior to that was Gareth Emery, with whom I have an interview that will be in the column next week regarding his debut artist album.
  • As well this weekend, props as always to Sami Y and TJ the DJ, the Pacemaker DJs, who alongside the Party Bros of Nouveau Riche’s Gavin Holland and the soon to be releasing his debut EP for Baltimore’s Deep Sugar Music Chris Burns had what word of the street says was a fantastic event at 411 NY Ave with their Wild North rave. The Columbia Heights resident DJ with ANC representative aspirations and the disco and deep house fanatic deserve much praise for serving in a stewardship role on both a technical and promotional level for the next generation of up and coming DC spinners.
  • Will Eastman’s Bliss party has evolved and taken one of the city’s consistently finest parties to a new level in its 11th year in Eastman’s aural steroid backyard of the U Street Music Hall. This month’s guest DJs Apt One and Skinny Friedman, the Philadelphyinz crew are perpetually underrated DJs and cast a net of sound with great depth and scope Having not been in town to hear the Saturday night or Sunday afternoon at Marvin with Trevor Martin was a true shame.
  • Speaking of U Hall, Rusko hit town last night like the true EDM pop star he has become. Steez Promo, the Baltimore based promotions team known for their quarterly “Massive” raves brought him to town, and as with most of their events, a retinue of younger ravers and true appreciators of dubstep were in tow. Rusko’s blend of top 40 pop standards with traditional dustep theory has done as much as Magnetic Man’s trance and drum and bass take on the genre in mainstreaming dubstep for pop music fans in 2010.

Super8 and Tab Interview

Above and Beyond’s Anjunanbeats imprint has served more than a role of being the platform for the wildly popular British trance producers. It also has served a role as being an incubator of top international talent. A key part of the label as of recently are Finnish duo Super 8 and Tab. Their debut artist album Empire as with many trance releases by top producers and those aiming to be seen on the same level as top producers incorporates heavy vocals, as well as electro and techno elements to expand the definition of trance, and in the mind of many, destroy the concept of “genre” in music, as the issues that mainstreamed dance music’s underground in the past decade now make their way into various other corners of the EDM universe. I worked alongside Lydia Fong of Plexi PR (the media relations team behind Electric Zoo) to interview the duo about their development, coming from Finland, trance music today, and Empire. Enjoy!


It’s Halloween week this week, and there’s a TON going on. Again, if you’re an EDM promoter, PLEASE use BYT All City for all of your promotional needs. As well, if an EDM fanatic and checking this update, visit BYT ALL CITY. As well, your favorite venue(s) all likely have something going on. Support your DJs and venues this weekend. They ALL have something special going on!

  • U Street Music Hall brings Willy Joy back to town. I needn’t say more. He’s been out on dates with readers of this site, and he’s left everyone from the BYGays to this journalist to everyone in between in absolute awe with his populist and fantastic sets. He joins rising Bmore club producer James Nasty and Savage Skulls on the 30th for UHALLWEEN. For True Genius Requires Insanity and now for all of you, Willy dropped this 20 minute mini mix in anticipation of his arrival to what he affectionately calls his “second home.”

Willy Joy – Double D Double C Mix by TGRIOnline

  • This Wednesday is, to quote Kanye West, “fuckin’ ridiculous.” It’s Moombahton Massive at U Street Music Hall, and yeah. It’s HUGE. The Netherlands’ Munchi is a musical powerhouse. He’s used the chopped and screwed Dutch house by way of cumbia and reggaeton sound to give himself a platform to become your favorite DJs favorite DJ. His US DJ debut set is thus a big deal with his debut EP coming this winter on Tittsworth and DJ Ayres T & A imprint. He’s joined by Calgary’s DJ A-Mac whose “Heads Will Roll” (A-Trak remix) resurrection was the first major hit of Moombahton, DJ Sabo who is a cumbia and authentic Latin sounds master, and yes, the inventor, our own, VERY soon off to Los Angeles producer and DJ extrordinaire Dave Nada for a huge event.

To get you amped even further for the night, a few downloads you may not have heard about from XLR8R, Fader or anybody else’s  massive hype:

DJ Sabo’s set from the world famous Los Angeles party the “Do Over” from 9/12/10 featuring TONS of cumbia and moombahton and likely the only time you’ll ever hear a hype man shout out Kanye West, Owen Wilson and Snoop Dogg at the same party.

Duck Sauce “Barbra Streisand (Emynd Moombahton Remix)” by Emynd

  • Do you need a track to make your roommate or co-worker a moombahton fanatic? Well, here it is. I can’t think of a human alive who doesn’t like something about A-Trak and Armand van Helden’s brilliant flip of Boney M’s “Gotta Go Home.” Also, we all love the video. Well, Emynd, the co-head (with Bo Bliz) of the boutique Philadelphia imprint Crossfaded Bacon can do no wrong with pop music at this moment (check that Soundcloud link for his Bmore club flip on Cee Lo’s “Fuck You”), and takes a Daddy Yankee acapella to create the first reggaeton remix of a moombahton track. It’s likely my sleeper favorite Moombahton track of the year.

(Also, Wednesday night is the afterparty for Die Antwoord and Rye Rye’s concert at the 9:30 Club. Add a Rye Rye performance to Moombahton Massive. It’s an off the chain night. Wow.)

  • And yes. In final, Drop the Lime brings the spooky as the goth flavored bassheads of the Trouble and Bass crew take U Street Music Hall down the bass wormhole and through all manner of club, hip hop, hardcore, punk, rave and hardcore. Need something to get you excited other than that description? Here’s the video for arguably his best track to date from 2010, “Sex Sax.” With the video added to the song itself it literally has something for everyone.

Next week, there will be more  on Moombahton, the Gareth Emery interview, some mixes by local DJs of note, and some early discussion of the enormous 5th Anniversary planned by NYC’s Pacha nightclub that I’ll be attending!

Follow me on Twitter at @marcuskdowling, and for album reviews, news and views visit True Genius Requires Insanity.