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All werds and photos: Dakota Fine

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New York KILLS me. Every time I travel up to the big city I am overwhelmed by an urge to never leave. I liken it to a 20-something Disneyland, where every possible type of vice/drink/clothing item/food/flower/freebie/pissshitvomit/sex/younameit can be found on what feels like every street. For a resident of the homely District though, I must admit, it is always a feeling of great relief getting back, like a return to sanity.

Nevermind, The Hunt is a party courtesy of DJ Pierre Paulin (also a San Francisco transplant, I might add), this past Thursday night I found it at The Randolph (a bar near the Bowery, 249 Broome to be exact… just above Chinatown). Although the city was a bit deflated by the long weekend, the party drew a nice crowd, certainly well dressed at times… said party promoter Clancy von Pants, “I put the crunk in their fab juice.” Guest DJ Mia Marretti (a la L.A.) in town called for a consistent heap of writhing bodies on the dance floor, patrons obliging.

I love New York, friends took care, I slept very little. Catching up.


DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-81 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-61 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-20DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-66

DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-62 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-49

DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-68 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-58

Bowties fucking rule, we should see more of these in DC soon I’m guessing.


DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-63 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-56 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-52 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-69

I mean, this picture could have been taken in 1986 I’d say, based solely on what this dude was wearing.

DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-67 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-55

DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-30 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-50


DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-72 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-70 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-44 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-10 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-43 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-40 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-48 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-27

DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-39 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-23

DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-38 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-34


DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-19 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-7

DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-2 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-31 DF08_7.03_TheHunt@RandolphNYC-47




(I didn’t take this last picture I don’t think, but I’m still claiming responsibility…)

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