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Last night I had a dream that I was in front a huge building with classical Greek architecture that kept growing and dividing like an amoeba going through mitosis. It was pretty awesome. ALSO AWESOME? Things to do in DC tonight:


  • Speaking of dreams, you can head out to L St NE between 2nd and 3rd this evening to see DONNIE DARKO in the last installment of NoMa’s Summer Screen series. I’m still in love with this movie. Just keep an eye on the weather…hopefully it won’t get stormed out.
  • Do you love dancing? Do you love helping local DJs raise money for a beloved friend about to undergo brain surgery? THEN TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT. Make your way to U Hall tonight for Keepin’ the Faith, a benefit for DJ Stereo Faith. It’s a win/win – you can get slutty AND help your fellow man. Cool!
  • What’s a more P.C. term for redneck? Rurally-oriented? Whatever, I grew up in Idaho. I think that gives me some redneck cred. If you want to build yours, hit up Scott H Biram at the Black Cat tonight with The Lolitas. REDNECK CRED.
    View All Photos | Photo By Liza Orozco | Scott H. BiramView All Photos | Photo By Liza Orozco | Scott H. BiramView All Photos | Photo By Liza Orozco | Scott H. Biram
  • With similar earnestness but on the other side of the pretension spectrum, we’ve got Hey Marseilles at the Sixth and I Synagogue. This seven piece out of Seattle rhymes ‘hey’ with ‘Marseilles’. CHAMBER POP CRED.

Hit the city, DC! May your dreams be populated with amoeba buildings & love.