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Today is what would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday, so you automatically have free license to do whatever the eff you want so long as it’s even mildly celebratory. Which is good, because there are plenty of things on the agenda that can help you accomplish this. Our first event, of course, is the most directly relevant, so let’s read all about it NOW:

  • Julia, you have helped us master the art of French cooking in a voice that will forever be burned in our brains, and for that, we salute you. So what better way to show our appreciation than heading to powerHouse Arena? They’ll be hosting a bake-off from 7-9, plus chefs and authors will give their own personal tributes to Julia. AND, what kind of birthday party would it be without FREE WINE? (Answer: Not a very good one!) So fortunately they’ll have plenty of complimentary vino on hand as well. TOUJOURS BON APPÉTIT.
  • Continue the wine drinking at City Winery, where Martha Wainwright and Nicole Atkins are performing this evening. And if the ghost of Julia Child follows you there, don’t be alarmed; she just probably wants a few glasses of red wine to make the supernatural version of beef bourguinon.

  • You can bet the boys of Linkin Park and Incubus will be fervently celebrating Ms. Child tonight at Jones Beach. In fact, word on the fictional street is Linkin Park changed the lyrics of “Crawling” to better suit our beloved lady chef. Here’s the new chorus: “Queen of the kitchen, Julia cooked this meal. The soufflé didn’t fall, ’cause she is the real deal.”
  • Julie & Julia might not be screening tonight, but there are quite a few movies worth noting this evening. Since homegirl was known for French cuisine, let’s start with the French flicks; we’ve got The Triplets of Belleville at Riverside Park, and Certified Copy at Socrates Sculpture Park. Not a Francophile? Instead, head to Pier 63 Lawn for the RiverFlicks screening of Crazy, Stupid, Love, because Ryan Gosling and free popcorn. Julia would definitely approve. Or for reasons that need zero explanation, you could just go for the gold and see Empire Records at McCarren Park.
  • Also movie-related, Nitehawk Cinema is hosting this VCR Party, which is described as a VHS-based comedy/variety show. In other words, AWESOME. Fingers crossed they’ll be screening The Way to Cook Poultry with Julia Child, a personal favourite!
  • Because Julia would want you to eat lots and lots of food on her 100th birthday (or so I would imagine), you might look into this Backyard Sausage Sizzle at the Soho Grand. I’m really not sure what it entails, but it would appear a kangaroo will be cooking sausages for everyone. Please observe the flier to see what I mean. You can also continue being carnivorous at FOTP’s BBQ Blowout in Williamsburg, where a $20 VIP ticket gets you a plate of magical meat treats, a beer, some other stuff, and so on and so forth. PROTEIN.

  • You can also swing by KGB Bar for Fantastic Fiction (a fairly self-explanatory title) which features readings by Jeffrey Ford and Tenea D. Johnson. And hopefully both will be speaking in a Julia Child voice the entire time.
  • Julia was all about green cooking or something, so she would be super delighted that this Green Drinks event is happening on her birthday at BLDG 92. There will be, as the title implies, DRINKS and GREEN THINGS including info about green jobs, PLUS a Sustainability Scavenger Hunt. So really what they’re saying here (I think) is that it actually IS easy being green, contrary to popular amphibian belief.

So many different celebration options! Are you hesitant about going out on a weeknight, though? Well, rest assured, because I have it on good authority that when Julia Child said, “Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all,” she really meant “Cooking is like Wednesday August 15th; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” There! Now you have permission to go nuts! You ALSO have permission to tell me if I missed something important here. Either comment or (bon appé)TWEET it to us @BYTNYC.