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We are exactly ONE WEEK away from Halloween, fools. That’s seven days to get your plans in order, and/or to purchase tickets to our Freakin’ Halloween party at the Dream Downtown next Wednesday. But let’s live in the now and think about what we’re going to do after work, okay? And while we live in the moment, let’s relive some stabtastic moments from the Scream (and/or Scary Movie) series in honor of Stabathon, which is happening tonight!

  • So first things first; let’s head to where the free alcohol is. In today’s case it’s located at 34 Vandam Street, where the free Asahi will be flowing for this FLUD x ABOVE THE RIM party.
  • And now that we’re full of free alcohol and rationality, we’ll be in a great position to take advantage of the $31 special at Gristle Tattoo! That’s right, for just $31 you can get some Halloween-themed ink, which you will definitely never ever regret. If you can’t make it over there today, you’ve got a whole week before they shut down the promotion. Remember, though, it’s walk-in appointments only, but who ever really plans these things in advance, anyway?
  • “No way, Megan. $31 is a good deal for a Halloween tattoo, but I fear needles.” Hmm…well how do you feel about knives? If you said, “I FEEL VERY GOOD ABOUT THEM!” then I’m going to point you in the direction of Stabathon, where you can watch screenings of Scream and Scream 4. Even though Scream 2 and Scream 3 didn’t make the cut, there will still be plenty of good stabbing action for the low price of $10 admission.

  • OR, if you would prefer to stab a pumpkin, then swing by Heavy Woods in Bushwick; they’re hosting a Pre-All Hallows Eve Pumpkin Carving Contest, where $12 enters you into the contest (prize is a $50 bar tab) AND gets you a pumpkin, a keg cup to pump your own PBR and a bowl of chili.
  • “Chili? What the hell kind of poor person food is that, Megan?” THE COWBOY KIND, OKAY?! But if you’re trying to class it up tonight, definitely head to Rosa Mexicano for its Fall Harvest Dinner; the obscenely delicious menu includes guacamole with toasted hazelnuts and pomegranate seeds, grilled lobster and sea scallop tacos with pumpkin seeds, sliced duck breast with apples and pears, an ancho chile pumpkin cheesecake and more! So go forth and be festive or whatever, yeah?
  • But if your appreciation of Mexican cuisine ends at hot sauce, then maybe skip that last thing and instead go to Words with Beers: Drunk Munchies Hot Sauce Edition! There we can listen to writers talk about the wonders of hot sauce, all while enjoying $4 drinks.

  • If you’d prefer to listen to music rather than writers, though, then I suggest you pay a visit to one of several musical opportunities this evening. Let’s start out in the affordable range at this show featuring Opossom (which sounds like “opossum” but is totally not like that at all) and Big Scary, who won the very official Megan Burns award for Top 5 CMJ performances. Only $8 at Pianos, hence we will definitely go.
  • ALTHOUGH, we could go celebrate the musical genius that is Tom Petty at Petty Fest tonight. It costs $25, but how else are we supposed to learn to fly when we ain’t got wings?!
  • “I am the only American ever who doesn’t like Tom Petty, Megan. So I would prefer to avoid a Fest of Petty.” Okay, well how about this UltraĆ­sta show at LPR instead?

Okay, did I leave anything out? Well don’t get all stabathon on me; instead, just give me a heads up in the comments and/or on Twitter @BYTNYC.