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Do you guys remember when Kelly Kapowski got a crush on Screech? Well I DO, because Saved By the Bell was another key component of my super productive TV-watching marathon this past weekend. That’s why it delights me to tell you that you can catch Bayside: The Unmusical (aka the LOLiest production EVER) tonight! But more on that later. Let’s have some snacks first, yeah?

  • To vanquish our post-work munchies, let’s head to tonight’s installment of the Landmarc Wine Dinner Series, which will feature Chilean-inspired dishes. You’ll enjoy a ton of fattening delicacies like empanadas, dulce de leche sopapillas, and PISCO SOURS.
  • “That sounds super delicious, Megan, but I have zero dollars.” Me neither, so let’s go to this event at PIPS instead, where we can have it all for FREE; this includes food, beer, AND ping pong. AMAZING.

  • Or if you’re more into surfing than ping pong, probably head to THIS event at House of Vans, where you can catch the free premiere of Get-N Classic Vol. 2. To sweeten the deal, they’re throwing in free food AND free booze JUST FOR YOU!
  • “Hey, wait, I just found $45 in my pants pocket, Megan!” Well congratulations! And also, that’s PERFECT because you’ve got exactly enough to go drink yourself under the table at Brooklyn Shaken & Stirred, where there will be cocktails and snacks galore.

  • But lest we forget the dangers of drinking, as demonstrated by Zack Morris in Saved By the Bell that time he crashed Lisa Turtle’s mom’s car. IRRESPONSIBLE. Instead, do the right thing and forfeit the booze to go learn invaluable lessons at Bayside: The Unmusical. (PS, if you’re anything like Jessie Spano, your reaction to that event was: two parts excited, one part scared.)

  • Speaking of scared, let’s go get REAL scared at Brooklyn Winery, where there will be a FREE creepy double-feature tonight; at 7pm we’ve got Poltergeist, and at 9pm (provided we’re not scarred for life) we’ll just listen to The Amityville Horror since we’ve probably super-glued our eyes shut or something.

  • “No, Megan. I can’t go to that since my dad let me watch Poltergeist one time and now I am afraid that I am going to be eaten by trees ALL THE TIME.” Wow, your dad sounds a lot like my dad! Let’s go laugh off our traumatic childhood experiences at this Talent Show with Eugene Mirman, featuring Hannibal Buress, Dave Hill AND MORE!
  • Or we could always lift our scared spirits by hitting up this Django Django / Lemonade show at the Bowery Ballroom. MUSIC MATTERS.

Wow, what a roller coaster of emotions! Just like Bayside, kind of! Did I forget to include something, though? Well don’t go all Tori Scott on me; instead, just leave me a comment and/or tweet @BYTNYC.