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You can’t see it right now, but I am SHAKING MY FIST at Wednesday, which is my least-favorite of days. It’s like a horror movie! Every time you think you’re done with Freddy Krueger Wednesday, Michael Myers Wednesday keeps coming back. Regardless of my negative feelings towards Wednesday, though, I will still embrace the many events that are happening this evening. Punctuated by GIFs of people being afraid of things Wednesday, that is.

  • First off, because you should all know by now that I really don’t like doing anything on an empty stomach, we are going to go eat a limited-edition sandwich titled “Cardoz Pang,” which features so many delicious things including: black pepper lamb braised in yogurt and spices including cloves, green cardamom, coriander, and ginger on a toasted semolina baguette with chili yogurt, pickled red cabbage and carrots, cucumber and fresh cilantro and mint. This snack attack is brought to you by Chef Floyd Cardoz (of North End Grill) and Ratha Chaupoly and Ben Daitz (of Num Pang), and will be available starting today, lasting until October 12th. The best part is that the proceeds will go towards funding Tuesday’s Children and The Young Scientist Foundation, meaning you could probably eat like twelve in one sitting and not even feel bad about it.
  • Provided we can roll ourselves out the door, we are going to go take a learning break while the food digests. First, let’s prepare our brains for the big night ahead and pop by Le Poisson Rouge for Happy Birthday, Conlon! A Tribute to Nancarrow on his 100th Birthday. We’ll listen to a ton of classical-ish piano music and it will be just like the night before the SATs! Only we are older now!

  • Next, we’ll swing over to Book Court for a poetry reading by D. Nurkse. In A Night In Brooklyn: Poems, “His exploration of this almost mythic city past is combined with a sense of the future speeding toward us—the ongoing riddle of time and being in a larger universe.” Do you hear that? Your brain just squealed SO MUCH!
  • And then we will continue the learning spree at the Bell House, where Secret Science Club is presenting Destination Antarctica! which promises to teach us about volcanoes, deranged penguins, and Ireland-sized glaciers. PLUS there will be themed cocktails and “sub-zero tunes”, which is really just a fancy way of saying “cool music.”

  • Since we’re already at the Bell House, let’s just go ahead and check out the Brazilian Girls show. And you’re all, “What Brazilian Girls show?” Oh, you know, just the one they tried to sneakily have without giving us like ANY notice, but we will still go anyway. (That one.)
  • Do you hate last-minute surprises? Well then DON’T go around supporting Brazilian Girls, and instead get your music fix elsewhere. Like at Santos Party House, for instance, where you can catch Icona Pop.
  • We could also zip over to Central Park for a Yeasayer / Tanlines / Daedelus show to make up for all the other times this sort of thing was SOLD OUT and we were really sad about it.

  • OR, let’s just go to Webster Hall for Dragonette and The Knocks, because we’ve already been listening to “Pick Up the Phone” all week long already, anyway. “I haven’t been doing that, Megan.” Oh, right. Me neither.
  • But let’s face it, we don’t really care WHAT we do tonight so long as there’s free booze, so let’s just forget everything else and head to the Kinetics & One Love ‘You Are Not Alone’ album release party, which is being sponsored by Svedka, which ultimately means you will have one hour to drink free vodka and make poor life decisions!

VANQUISHED AGAIN, WEDNESDAY! Unless of course I forgot to mention something and now Wednesday is standing behind me teen-Halloween-movie-style. Is it? Is Wednesday standing behind me with a chainsaw?! TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS AND/OR ON TWITTER (@BYTNYC) RIGHT NOW PLEASE.