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If you’re like me and repeatedly hit the snooze button between 5:15am and 8:23am this morning, it’s likely that you also probably don’t feel like doing any doing work today. I did some research, though, and it turns out we have to do work even if we don’t want to. TOTAL BUMMER. However, we can do fun things AFTER we do our work, which is kind of almost as good as not having to do any work at all. Emphasis on the “kind of.” So here’s what we can look forward to this evening, which I have decided to kick off with a clip of Sarah Murdoch announcing the wrong winner on Australia’s Next Top Model. Because Fashion Week isn’t over yet, and I am not done exploiting it yet, either.

  • First, we need after-school snacks! Cucina di Pesce is celebrating their 25th Anniversary starting today, which means they’ll be reintroducing one of their very first menus from 1991 at 1991 prices. I was only three years old when 1991 happened, so I don’t know what that necessarily implies, BUT I feel like things tended to be cheaper in the past, so I’m going to guess it’ll be a reasonably priced meal.
  • Or, if you’d prefer a side of activism with your food, I vote you head over to Stone Park in Park Slope; they’re hosting the Brooklyn Animal Action 2012 Fundraiser, which supports stray cats and dogs in the area. $35 gets you food and drinks and high-fives from the animal kingdom!
  • But maybe you’d rather support local humans than local animals, in which case go check out the NYFW Made In NY Designer Shows! Project Runway Season 9 contestant Kimberly Goldson is one of the designers being featured, which is not as cool as if it was Santino Rice or Stella Zotis, but whatever.
  • You can also head to The Indie Shows, which sounds like some sort of Pitchfork festival, but which is actually just a showcase of up-and-coming designers! And you’re all, “But I would prefer to see the Marc Jacobs show, Megan.” Well guess what? NONE OF US ARE COOL ENOUGH TO HAVE BEEN INVITED, SO JUST STOP IT.

  • Ice cream and wine are also good temporary solutions to Fashion Week-induced depression, so maybe go learn the art of ice cream-making at The Homestead, where you’ll also get to taste three varieties of ice cream AND two kinds of wine.
  • Or maybe you already have big plans to crush a bottle of wine at home while watching the season premiere of The Voice. Well, that sounds pretty awesome, but you’ll be walking that fine line between “strong, independent woman” and “crazy cat lady,” so maybe give your social skills a workout at this Urban Girl Squad screening of the episode tonight. The event flier says this is a strictly girls-only event, but I bet if you are a man and would like to attend you could probably just go wearing a wig and no one would question it.

See? Suriving Monday is so easy! Just a few more days ’til the weekend and we will be home free. Did I forget something in my snooze button-induced confusion? Well leave it in the comments or tweet it to @BYTNYC.