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Welcome to your daily Hit List featuring the shows, events, gatherings, and so on that will keep your social life slightly above average!

And if you’re not about anything we show you now, there are tons of other events to check out on our AGENDA (side note: promoters/venues: posting events in the AGENDA is free and open to all-so please use it.)


BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE: Keep an eye on our YOUR BEST FEBRUARY story all month. It will be always there for you.


  • SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! You most likely have the day off/are working from home. Throw a snowball. Dupont Circle. 11 a.m.



  • What is Mardi Gras without the drinks? Stop by Town Tavern’s 7th annual “BEADS, BABES AND BEERS” party for a variety of drink specials, including 2-for-1 hurricanes and $5 Fireball.
  • Enjoy the Clarendon Mardi Gras parade by stopping by the parade party at Guarapo for 1/2 price bottles of wine and extended happy hour. Plus: free beads, the quintessential symbol of Fat Tuesday drinking!


  • Tonight is the first ever Capital Cocktail Competition. Watch eight teams deck it out for bragging rights, and enjoy $2 beers and hurricanes.
  • Oscar nominee “Gone Girl” shows tonight for $2 Movie Tuesday at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse.
  • It’s opening night for “Kid Victory” at Signature Theatre. Order a special BYT $50 ticket, which includes one glass of wine or beer, with the code BYT50 here and sit back to enjoy this new musical about a teen coming home after vanishing for a year.