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Welcome to your daily Hit List featuring the shows, events, gatherings, and so on that will keep your social life slightly above average!

And if you’re not about anything we show you now, there are tons of other events to check out on our AGENDA (side note: promoters/venues: posting events in the AGENDA is free and open to all-so please use it.)


  • Arena: Selin Balci’s exhibit at The Honfleur Gallery uses living microorganisms to create environments of conflict and resolution in a living and moving piece of art.
  • In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, LC-Globe is hosting a Latino & LGBT in Washington, DC Panel Discussion on the topic of Latino LGBT Life in our city.


  • The multimedia exhibit Hacking Objects of Desire at the Target Gallery features work of Samí artists Joar Nango and Sigbjørn Skåden, who have re-appropriated a series of everyday consumer objects to reflect the indigenous Scandanavian culture.


  • It’s October, which means Dodge City Halloween Movie Mondays are baaaaack! Extra spook this year: each screening will start with an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?