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Welcome to your daily Hit List featuring the shows, openings, and ritual gatherings that will set your social dial to MAX FUN.

And if you don’t dig our picks, there are tons of other events to check out on our Agenda (side note: promoters/venues: posting events on the Agenda is free and open to all-so please use it, WE PROMISE this is much more effective than posting random comments on posts). 

1. Feeling extremely left out and unable to participate in all the grown up fun? Go look at our #FUNDERAGE guide.

2. PEEP THE NEW HAPPY HOUR HOTLINE! Football season is back! Embrace it! Hide from it! Options for both.

Here’s what you can do tonight:

  • You can go to our Pet Happy Hour tonight! Bring your pet, go pet other peoples pets, and drink up. I’ve had a dream like this more than once.


  • You can check for last minute tickets to go see Bleachers at the 9:30 Club tonight! They were sold out but people get tired and they flake on plans so tickets might go up somewhere.
  • Don’t feel like getting too crazy? Just go to happy hour at Roofers Union. Always a good move.
  • You still want to be entertained but you don’t want to listen to music? Well aren’t you needy. Go laugh at some peoples jokes at HaHa at RiRa in Georgetown tonight.
  • Spoon is still at the Lincoln and it’s still sold-out.

Still not finding anything? Pop over to our Agenda page for more things to do!