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Welcome to your daily Hit List featuring the shows, openings, and ritual gatherings that will set your social dial to MAX FUN. And if you don’t dig our picks, there are tons of other events to check out on BYT ALL CITY (side note: promoters/venues: posting events on ALL CITY is free and open to all-so please use it, WE PROMISE this is much more effective than posting random comments on posts)

Already the first day of April?!?! Prepare yourself with these APRIL ESSENTIALS:

Okay, moving forward…

  • Stop by the POV Rooftop & Lounge to welcome Red Bull Stratos. DJ Trayze will also be there.


  • KRS-One is at the Howard. This is a very good option.

  • If you’re on the metro as much as I am, you can’t miss the DMV Roast of the Metro. I really should take part in this since I saw someone throw up and have the most disgusting nosebleed ever over the weekend.

  • Nothing caught your interest? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more for this week over here.