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Welcome to your daily Hit List featuring the shows, openings, and ritual gatherings that will set your social dial to MAX FUN.

And if you don’t dig our Tuesday picks, there are tons of other events to check out on BYT ALL CITY (side note: promoters/venues: posting events on ALL CITY is free and open to all-so please use it. )


  • First things first, go grab a bag of oreo’s and dive in… you know what they say, calories don’t count on birthdays and well… happy 100 to you, Oreo!

  • Now avoid any and all media coverage post-9pm.  It’s Super Tuesday after all and no one needs that kind of news to harsh their post-work buzzzzzzzzz
  • After consulting our weekly SHOWS TO GET PUMPED FOR post, we highly recommend the emotional ramshackle pop of Oberhofer @ Black Cat or a kick back to the 60’s/70’s with the Jimi Hendrix Experience @ Strathmore
  • I mean, who can resist the allure of goldfish races????
  • COUNTRY WESTERN BLUEGRASS HONKYTONK MUSIC.  If that catches your eye, then head over to Outlaws at Marx Cafe (psst. $5 gets you a shot of Beam and Beer, perhaps the perfect recipe to drown your Super Tuesday sorrows in)

Time for a revolution song!