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To sum up Tuesday night’s Devendra Banhart show at 6th & I Synagogue I would like to describe the singular moment in which after the show Cale and I turned to each other and simultaneously said :
“The person that did not like this, doesn’t like music. Or probably even life”.

And lets face it, we’re two cynical as fuck, jaded hipsters (even if we hate to admit it) and yet there we were spilling “new-agey-all-is-wonderful” goo all over each other and anyone who would listen. (the cheese is, in fact, melting off the screen as I type this)

This is how it went:
A band opened. They’re called Matthea Baim and Devendra loves them. LOVES THEM. He even told us so himself. We were not all that hot on them, but tastes are tastes, and that girl that only meditated throughout the whole set (a capella Doors cover aside) was at least entertaining to look at.

Matteah Baim  _MG_5706.jpg Matteah Baim  _MG_5713.jpg Matteah Baim  _MG_5722.jpg Matteah Baim  _MG_5680.jpg Matteah Baim  _MG_5665.jpg

Not too waste too much type on them because I need every word I have to explain to you just how AMAZING the actual headlining (aka Devendra+band) show was.

Devendra Banhart  _MG_5853.jpg

It was so amazing that everything seemed more beautiful when we left the building.
It was so amazing that the fully seated (600 tickets sold) Synagogue ended up in rapt dancing by the stage at the first chords of Samba Vexillographica.
You hear that?
People in DC don’t dance at shows where they’re supposed to dance, but here at a venue where you’re supposed to sit quietly (so as “not to obscure lines of vision”) THEY ALL DANCED. With abandon.

Devendra Banhart  _MG_5830.jpg

It was so amazing that Becca, Haley and I had a (only semi-joking) argument this morning over who would win in a fight for Devendra’s heart. (no one is yet willing to admit to defeat)

Devendra Banhart  _MG_5762.jpg Devendra Banhart  _MG_5746.jpgDevendra Banhart  _MG_5808.jpg

The music was so mind numbingly beautiful, all Caetano Veloso laced and Brian-Wilson-at-his-best tinged (Cale may or may not have shed a tear during “Seahorse”), the band (with their very specific sit-down, stand-up stage presence) was on point and as soaring or as intimate as each song required and the venue, which I highly recommend to anyone, was as one.

Devendra Banhart  _MG_5640.jpg Devendra Banhart  _MG_5637.jpg

It was so amazing they completely disregarded the 11 pm curfew, made everyone chicken dance, invited a kid from the audience to sing on stage (a song he had written himself, involving something about sending transmissions of love…I don’t remember, I was completely delirious with joy at that point)

Devendra Banhart  _MG_5892.jpg Devendra Banhart  _MG_5885.jpg Devendra Banhart  _MG_5867.jpg


shook the maracas better than any maracas every dreamt of being shaken.
In fact, it was so amazing, we received thank you notes from people today for “letting them know about the show on the site”.
How often does that happen?

Devendra Banhart  _MG_5814.jpg Devendra Banhart  _MG_5808.jpg Devendra Banhart  _MG_5744.jpg
Devendra Banhart  _MG_5783.jpg

So, remember this:
Devendra is God, for all I care, and if you know what is good for you you will buy “Smokey rolls down thunder canyon” and all his previous records and listen to them till you realize just how wonderful it is. Which, really, shouldn’t take that long.
And cross your fingers he’s back soon.
And often.

Devendra Banhart  _MG_5801.jpg

want more:

befriend devendra on myspace:http://www.myspace.com/devendrabanhart
or just
Buy it at Insound!

also: keep your eyes peeled for the next LiveNation/BYT presents affair at the Synagogue: MuM on Novemebr 7th