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Last call comes too soon. Like middle school, when your mom would wake you up by throwing open your window shades, blinding you with that blasted sunlight, the bar lights come on suddenly. Painfully. Fluorescently. So, so unflatteringly. At that moment – also similarly to middle school – all you’re thinking about is how awkward you feel. Except now it’s not because of your retainer, gawkily-stretched limbs, or boobs-too-big-for-a-training-bra-but-too-small-for-anything-else, but because you’ve just spent the evening bumping, grinding and sweating on top of the unidentified person to your right. And he’s looking at you…in that way…

Your next thought – after turning around quickly enough to avert the inevitably inelegant scene, but slowly enough not to test the limits of your balance after a night of PBR, Sparks, a Jameson shot or four…etc. – is I’M HUNGRY.

Now. Our little Chocolate City is lovable for many reasons – but none has anything to do with its options for late night eateries. For those of you who agree that Jumbo Slice is good, oh, once-every-never; that 7-11 feels too much like a highway pit stop; and that one more of Ben’s Chili Cheese Fries and you’re going straight to the Howard U Hospital OR for an immediate angioplasty, you, like me, will be very excited to have The Greek Spot. From here-on-out called The G Spot, because it’s that good.

At 11th and U, a hop, skip and not-too-dangerous-drunken-bike ride away from dive-bar central, The G Spot has plenty to offer the hungriest hipster. From falafel sandwiches to cheeseburgers, hummus to spanikopita, seasoned french fries to ‘Pastachio’ (described as macaroni layered with sautéed soya crumbles, topped with a béchamel sauce – umm…pretty sure that all means “mac and cheese”) there is something for everyone. And it’s cheap! Nothing on the menu costs more than 9 bucks. And lots costs less than $5. Boo yah!

Try it this weekend. I also recommend you have a go at it sometime before the witching hour when your tastebuds are actually fully effective.

The Greek Spot (AKA The G Spot)
2017 11th Street (between U & V Streets)
Mon – Thurs: 11a – 10:30p
Friday: 11a – 2a
Saturday: 3p – 2a