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The Funk Parade needs your help. If you are a person who lives in D.C. and is able to give to the Funk Parade, you should give to the Funk Parade. It is one of the few things that happens in D.C. every year that helps inject equal parts fun and culture into our city, and it would be depressing as hell if it couldn’t happen this year.

Right now their Indiegogo is almost at the current goal of $15,000, but they really need $18,000 to pay artists, finalize permits, etc. There are a ton of perks including incentives with Solly’s, GoodWood, Chrome, BicycleSPACE, and more, but those are just extras. The real perk here is keeping D.C. from becoming as lame the rest of the country thinks we are. Just look at these fun photos. This is something worth protecting.