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In the beginning, there were secret hanky codes and Boston marriages. Then, there was Stonewall, the first marches, and 40 years of pride celebration. Now, on the 35th anniversary of Pride in DC, we’re taking it to the next level, and taking some of DC’s most iconic sites (Ben’s Chili Bowl!!!), the DC LGBT community, and our straight friends along for the ride.

Homo Erectus at Ben's-15

All photos: Jodi King. Hair and styling by Tyler Larish. Makeup by Seema Khanna, assisted by Polina Yershova.

This year, Capital Pride approached BYT to update the traditional Pride Closing Party to better reflect the incredible cultural resurgence occurring around the District. We happily took up the charge to shake up Pride’s tectonic plates and spike the primordial ooze.

Homo Erectus at Ben's-12

This Saturday night, BYT and Capital Pride are exercising some natural selection, and turning the world-famous Washington Hilton into a dino cave fantasy like DC has never seen before.

 “I am PUMPED for this party,” said BYT’s own dilophosaurus, fresh from appearances at some of DC’s hottest parties. “I’m getting all hot and bothered, which saying a lot for a cold-blooded reptile. It’ll be a bigger smash than the comet that wiped out my family.”

Homo Erectus at Ben's-6

DC’s hottest DJs are going to rock from the jungles to the caves of the ancient world, and there’ll be something there for everyone – men and women, gay and straight, bois and grrrls. And t-rexes, velociraptors, stegosaurii, and motherfucking pterodactylts. Shea Van Horn, Matt Bailer, Natty Boom, and Junebullet are headlining a lineup that includes DJs from Mixtape, She.Rex, SHIFT, RAW, Anniething Goes, Homo Hotel Happy Hour, Garutachi, Pink Sock, and Anthology of Booty.

We’re stocking the room with prehistoric fun for all – be on the lookout for:

– Delicious ice-age-cold cave-cocktails featuring Smirnoff flavors

– A giant t-rex ice luge

– Décor befitting the hottest jungle and sexiest cave this millennium has seen

– Hot cavefolk wearing nothing but leaves(thanks to Chief of the Go Go’s Karl Marks)
– A stilt walking balloon clad dino beast
– Get your picture taken in the prehistoric photo booth

Oh, PS, we built a volcano for you. It’s going to erupt at midnight.

Tickets are $25 now, but will be more at the door. Remember how New Year’s Eve sold out and then you were all begging us to get in? You might want to get yours now: http://dcpride.eventbrite.com

Can’t wait to see you in the stone age. Cave attire recommended.
 Homo Erectus at Ben's-1




For more about our awesome DJs, check out:

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Special thanks to Ben’s Chili Bowl for letting us take over their restaurant.

Homo Erectus at Ben's-5Homo Erectus at Ben's-4Homo Erectus at Ben's-3Homo Erectus at Ben's-2Homo Erectus at Ben's-10Homo Erectus at Ben's-8Homo Erectus at Ben's-13Homo Erectus at Ben's-14

Love these photos? The party will be even better. Get your ticket.