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Seinfeld has been added to Hulu. All of it. One of the most successful sitcoms of all time made us think of some other essential sitcoms streaming on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc. We found out that there are other sitcoms that have been aired on traditional television networks and are now available to watch on demand!


The Young Ones available on Hulu

The original British “Alt” comedy, punk rock sitcom. Four unlikeable but hilarious characters: Neil (the hippy), Vyv (the metal head/surgeon in training) Rick (the anarchist with only child syndrome) & Mike (the con artist) are students at Scumbag University. Every episode includes live shows in thier house from The Damned, Madness, & Motorhead amongst other pivotal bands. The house gets destroyed every episode and the jokes are equal part high brow and low-brow. Incredibly important work from Ben Elton before he became a British Dennis Miller. -Goodrich Gevaart


Absolutely Fabulous available on Hulu

Before there was Sex and the City, before there was Entourage, there were Patsy and Edina, the two delightfully clueless, deeply flawed, absolutely fabulous British fashion “professionals” (PR and a loose editorial position in a women’s magazine being the vehicles for their industry involvement) who drank, smoked, succumbed to ridiculous lifestyle trends, lied about their age and wore designer fashions more hilariously than anyone before or after them. The show worked though, because, deep down it also had a loyal, Golden Girls-esque heart of gold: it truly was them (aging, shallow, mean them) against the world. Nothing has really matched it since. -Svetlana Legetic


Black Books available on Hulu

Set inside of possibly the worst-run bookstore of all time, Black Books is a weird, curmudgeon-y delight that could only really exist in England (where owning bookstores and gag shops (see below) seems to be a perfectly acceptable way to make a living even in this day and age). Dylan Moran is perfect as Bernard Black, a character that exists precariously at the intersection between Hugh Grant’s and Rhys Ifyans’ roles in Notting Hill, a man with no interest in literally anything, especially not selling books (which happens to be his job) and Bill Bailey is his only employee Manny, a world champion in long suffering. This is one of those weird, little seen shows that you stumble upon, and then proceed to tell EVERYONE they have to watch so you can talk about it. -Svetlana Legetic


Spaced available Hulu

14 episodes that led to the next 14+ years of Simon Pegg roles. An excellent glimpse into somewhat realistic friendships between people that are somewhat figuring stuff out. The relationship between Pegg and Hynes is on parr with Pam and Jim and Nick Frost’s character is named Mike Watt. If you love awkward romance and the Minutemen, you can’t do better than Spaced. If you’re under 40 and own a Minutemen album, you probably already love Spaced. -Brandon Wetherbee


Gavin & Stacey available on Hulu

Before James Corden was a rising star of American late-night TV and in-car karaoke, he and Ruth Jones co-created (and played support in) this little bit of innocent fun of a Welsh girl and Essex boy who fall in love over the phone (HOW OLD FASHIONED), meet, get married, and then need to find ways to spend their lives together despite their assorted families and friends (which, among other people include the always amazing Rob Brydon as a very overprotective uncle). A simple, but often saucy treat. -Svetlana Legetic


Peep Show available on Netflix

Mark and Jeremy live together and are so incapable of functioning properly in the modern universe that it would be sad if it wasn’t SO funny. Peep Show follows them as they pursue their (doomed) careers, their (doomed) crushes (Olivia Colman is wonderful as Mark’s object of affections), their (should be doomed) friendship and, in a welcome twist to the sitcom norm, lets us hear their inner thoughts in the process. Even when we wish they wouldn’t -Svetlana Legetic


The IT Crowd available on Hulu

The IT Crowd ran for 4 blissful mini-series seasons in England and while you may feel bad about there not being a fifth (as most IT Crowd nerds will inform you – season 5 was commissioned but never produced) – what is available is the reason why Chris O’Dowd was brought to America, and why Richard Ayoade is a forever cult favorite. Set in a dingy basement of a Central London communications firm, the show centers on two “standard nerds” and a woman with absolutely no technical abilities who has somehow lied her way into the position of the head of the department. Awkward interactions and some brilliant comedy ensue. At least the American version starring Joel McHale wasn’t picked up. -Svetlana Legetic


Miranda available on Hulu

In 2015 there are 2 good reasons to be aware of Miranda Hart: Her role as Chummy Noakes in BBC’s delightful Call the Midwife and her sidekick-to-Melissa-McCarthy appearance in “SPY”. But, none of those opportunities would exist if Miranda Katherine Hart Dyke didn’t initially start in her eponymous (very) British sitcom, which is all about being very tall, very physically and socially awkward, owning a gag shop, harboring unrequited crushes and enjoying spending time with puppets more than people. If you don’t fall in love, you may be dead on the inside. -Svetlana Legetic


Classic American (pre 2000)

I Love Lucy available on Hulu

To really love Lucy one must understand the climate of America and comedy when people were falling in love with Lucy. Prior to this show the idea of a female comic was laughable, and not in a good way. Lucille Ball had been desperately trying to break into the A-List category for roughly 15 years, being relegated to chorus girl in B movies and “straight guy,” to folks like The Marx Brothers. Cut to I Love Lucy starring Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz as a married couple living in NYC (I’m writing this as if you all have no knowledge of this show which is of course blasphemy). Desi’s character Ricky Ricardo is a band leader/performer at a local club and Lucy JUST WANTS TO GET IN THE SHOW. Hijinx ensue but hijinx that really let Lucille ball show us her comedic chops. She gets herself into wacky scenario after wacky scenario, each more unbelievable than the last. If you’re worried the comedy will be too “before your time,” that’s the joy of this show. It’s timeless. I laugh as hard today as I did 25 years ago while watching reruns with my grandmother. Everyone loves Lucy. -Jenn Tisdale


Roseanne available on Netflix

I have so much to say about Roseanne, my favorite show of all time. Anyone who knows me, knows this fact. Based on a regular blue collar family in a midwest suburb, this show embodies the phrase “ahead of it’s time”. It’s clear by the topical dialog and subplots that Roseanne Barr was the original “no fucks given” bitch. This show ran full on LGBT themed story arcs, in the early 90’s!! Before Ellen, before Glee, before any of that shit! Growing up kind of poor in a working class neighborhood, I can say with a serious face that this show is funny, because it’s true. -Maddie Clybourn


Frasier available on Netflix

When talking about the best sitcoms of the 90s people always immediately point to Seinfeld as the #1 GOAT. This is something I’ve never understood. Seinfeld had a lot of very memorable moments but it lacked any kind of reverence for its characters. Everyone on the show was just fodder for barbs and gags. It could be borderline exhausting. Frasier set itself apart in this regard. Not only was the writing top notch throughout, but the show had a real sentimentality towards its characters. The writers often forgo laughs for more tender and somber moments. The writing is amazing, of course, but more rewarding than the jokes are the relationships. Watching character arcs through the seasons is equal parts endearing and heartbreaking and the fact that we really give a shit about these characters makes the jokes hit even harder. We really get the sense that the Cranes are a family, certainly an unconventional one and perhaps a little broken but even when they have nothing else they have each other. Watching Frasier always leaves me with an uncommon warmth and satisfaction. Also Frasier vs. Cam Winston is 100x better than Jerry vs. Newman. -Nik Oldershaw


Sports Night available on Hulu

Aaron Sorkin has had his ups and downs but Sports Night remains the reason we can all come back to and be reminded why we liked the man in the first place. Which is reason enough to keep this on streaming. If that is not enough: the half-hour format makes the break neck dialogue more palatable, no one in this world is more likable than Josh Charles (aside from maybe Peter Krause) and Felicity Huffman is perfect. Perfect. -Svetlana Legetic


Modern American (since 2000)

Arrested Development available on Netflix

The fourth season is good and may be the future of sitcom storytelling. According to everyone else in the BYT office, I am wrong.

The first few episodes of this not-at-all overrated series was the foundation of Modern Family. If you’re sick of Arrested Development, it may be due to a watered down version of Arrested Development has won all of the sitcom awards and is in syndication and it’s impossible to escape Sofia Vergara (no offense to Sofia Vergara, it’s just oversaturation, we have no problem with her, she’s funny on that show and even in those Head and Shoulders commercials, she really appears to love her son).

The second season deals with incest.

The third season deals with incest and Jason Bateman’s real life sister! And dating someone with a mental disability.

Hating on Arrested Development is like hating on the Pixies for all of the bands that were influenced by the Pixies. -Brandon Wetherbee


Malcolm in the Middle available on Netflix

Certifiably kooky Brian Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek have three sons. One is silent, one is the devil personified and one is a certified genius, stuck in the middle of the mess that is his household trying to maintain his semi-sanity. Malcolm in the Middle was darker and more genuine than it had any right to be. Worth a revisit. -Svetlana Legetic


Scrubs available on Netflix, Hulu

Can you believe that Scrubs ran for 9 seasons? Zach Braff led the original cast as J.D. Dorian, a new resident at Sacred Heart and Sarah Chalke and Donald Faison were his friends. The show mainly worked because the roles of their hospital nemesi were cast so well: namely the towering presences of John C. McGinley (6’3”) as Dr. Perry Cox and Neil Flynn (6’5”) as (simply) The Janitor, whose sole role was to make these young people’s lives (especially J.D.’s) a living hell, both mentally and physically. The next generation seasons were not quite as well loved but for fans of Baby Dave Franco – worth a revisit. -Svetlana Legetic


The Office available on Netflix

The US Office started as a copy cat, developed into it’s own genius show, then kind of lost sight of what it was doing, then had Will Ferrell guest star on it, then ended. If you’re one of those people, like me, that bailed on it around season 5, go back and watch the Will Ferrell arc late in Season 7 (episodes 20-24). This is when the show finally decides to give up any pretense of a reality and just live with Deangelo Jeremitrius Vickers, a man with a child’s brain. It’s fantastic. -Joe McAdam


30 Rock available on Netflix

A hyperbolic rip of the outlandish inner workings of network TV, Tina Fey may have spent years squirreling away material from the SNL writers room. I mean, Tracy Morgan’s character is literally named Tracy Jordan, not a stretch. Consistently hilarious for 7 seasons, this show works because the main caricatures are pretty close to the real thing. And what career women doesn’t see themselves in Liz Lemon? Because when I get off work, I wrap myself in a Snuggie and put a dent in my night cheese. -Maddie Clybourn


Eastbound and Down available on Amazon Prime, HBO Go

This whole show is very funny, but season four might be my favorite run of episodes due to Ken Marino playing the most Ken Marino character ever. I give this my highest endorsement. A thumbs up! -Joe McAdam


Parks & Recreation available on Netflix, Hulu

The best comedy to end its run in 2015 lives on! If seven years in Pawnee, Ind., was simply not enough for you, Leslie Knope & co. can still be found on Netflix, with the most recent season OnDemand. From gay penguin weddings to ice rink political rallies to playing charades at the Bidens’ house, laugh-masters including Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt only saw their stocks rise here. -Tristan Lejeune


Currently On Air

Brooklyn Nine-Nine available on Hulu

What other ensemble utilizes its cast better? Now that Parks and Rec is gone, it has to be Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Whether the focus on the episode is on Jake, Amy, Rosa or Terry, the episode is entertaining. And it’s not just a bunch of straight, white males drinking coffee or talking about going to drink coffee! Also, Terry Crews is great and that’s something every BYT TV-related article attempts to convey. -Brandon Wetherbee


Veep available on HBO Go, season 1 available on Amazon Prime

This is one of those shows that took me a couple years of people insisting I watch, so it’s also just a nice reminder to connect with your friends and open up; share, listen. Veep has an amazing ensemble cast lead by Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who you kind of forget was the funniest actor on Seinfeld). It’s very fast paced and densely written. I just watched all of it and I want to go back and see it again to absorb more. And perhaps I’m a romantic, but I like a comedy where everyone wears suits. -Joe McAdam


Silicon Valley available on HBO Go

The best show about the tech industry currently in production. The best way to teach people about algorithms via problem solving about how to jack off two guys at once. The best use of T.J. Miller. The best use of a Run The Jewels song in the credits. Mike Judge’s live action crowning achievement. -Brandon Wetherbee


Review available on Hulu

Always trust Andy Daly. The premise is that Andy Daly plays Forrest MacNeil, a man who reviews life experiences rather than movies or books. It’s a great concept that you’d think would have some good one-off episodes, but It developed into a full season arc of a man destroying his life by reviewing things like racism and divorce. If you were looking for an excuse to get the Hulu Plus trial, a binge session of Review is a great reason. -Joe McAdam


The Mindy Project available on Hulu

The Mindy Project just got canceled, because of course it did, and then promptly picked back up by Hulu, because of course it did. Mindy and Danny got together and things got a little boring. I know I stopped watching but that doesn’t mean that the first two seasons are not single girl comedy heaven. Mindy Kaling uses the show as her personal delivery system for all your favorite comedy dreamboats (Bill Hader! Anders Holm! Mark Duplass! BJ Novak! Seth Rogen!) and the staff of Shulman & Associates is one of the best matched co-worker chemistries of late (Any scene involving Adam Pally and Ed Weeks and Ike Barinholtz trying to help any situation while inevitably making it worse is a comedy treasure trove keeper). Choice episodes include: the one with the wedding, the one with any kind of holiday party, the one with Schmidt. -Svetlana Legetic


New Girl available on Hulu

Much like The Mindy Project, New Girl took a downswing when Nick and Jess got together, but luckily for us (and them) they broke them up and we could all get back to enjoying the emotional and professional chaos of these people as individuals. Plus, it allowed us to focus back on the boy-to-boy loft dynamic, which, let’s face it, is where the strength of the show truly is (Sorry, Zooey). Coupledom ruins sitcoms, people! Never forget! Choice episodes include: the one where Jess learns to Internet date, the one with the cruise, the one with virginity loss, the one with the potential serial killer and ESPECIALLY the one where Schmidt finally relaxes (actually, any one with Schmidt at the center is a keeper). -Svetlana Legetic


Playing House available on Hulu

Cougartown meets Community, FINALLY, in this show about pampered suburban moms being really sweet and cool and fucked up. Throw satire in the trash can and watch this show with an open heart as the two leads–together a better comedy team than any two people alive except possibly Seth Rogen & the Hamburgler–smash cheesy family sitcom plot lines into a fine bronze powder which they sprinkle around the perfectly set table covered in mason jars filled with Zima. This blurb isn’t going to mention the show that they had together before which was OK but actually not as good as this one. Nor their appearances on Comedy Bang Bang which are the best thing on that podcast. -Peter Heyneman


Before It Was Americanized

Coupling available on Hulu Just ignore the fact that they tried to make the American one and spend all your time on this. -Svetlana Legetic


The Office available on Netflix

This is why people like Ricky Gervais. If you don’t like Ricky Gervais as a person, that’s fine, but if you don’t like Ricky Gervais for what he’s done for the sitcom, Seinfeld is now streaming on Hulu. -Brandon Wetherbee


Free Agents available on Hulu

In 2009 Sharon Horgan (who you are about to be able to see in Catastrophe with Rob Delaney) and Stephen Mangan starred in this show about two coworkers and literary agents with some major baggage (he was divorced, she was widowed before even married) who end up in bed together during the first episode and then have to navigate what that means for their co-working and personal relationship. It was all very British (read: gloomy and bitingly funny) In 2011, Americans tried to repeat the formula with a Kathryn Hahn and Hank Azaria as leads, but predictably … FAILED. MISERABLY. On account not being gloomy and bitingly funny enough. One day US TV execs will learn. One day. -Svetlana Legetic

Men Behaving Badly available on Hulu

From 1992-1997 Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey shared the screen as the two ultimate man children, sharing a bachelor pad that was more pathetic than sexy, and Caroline Quentin and Leslie Ash were the two women suffering through it all. The humor was dirty (as was the household) and the writers somehow found brand new ways to plunge to the deepest depths of human misery (and misogyny) without ever sacrificing the laughs (Seinfeld is really the only other show I can think of that matches its unrelenting miserliness). In 1996 Americans tried to re-do it, casting Rob Schneider (mistake #1) as one of the leads, and Ken Marino as not one of the leads (mistake #2). The rest is best forgotten. -Svetlana Legetic


Made For Streaming

Alpha House available on Amazon Prime

The second best show about politics (maybe) currently in production. This John Goodman has not received the accolades it deserves. Yes, it’s heavy handed because it’s by Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury), but performances from Goodman, Matt Molloy and Amy Sedaris gives it a Veep meets Strangers With Candy meets The Real Housewives of D.C. (I’m guessing) vibe. It’s light enough, heavy enough and perfect viewing for anyone living inside the Beltway with a free weekend to binge. -Brandon Wetherbee

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt available on Netflix

NBC made the wrong decision. This Tina Fey sitcom is excellent. Everyone knew it was going to be excellent. Ellie Kemper is on the same level as Terry Crews and The Rock as the most likeable people on screen. Titus Burgess’ song was inevitably going to go viral in real and fictional life. NBC made the wrong decision. -Brandon Wetherbee


Community season 6 available on Yahoo! Screen, seasons 1-5 available on Hulu

Community has been on the brink of extinction since the pilot. Somehow, it’s always managed to survive one way or another (if you count the gas leak year as surviving), and a part of that is it’s huge cult audience. Watching (and enjoying) Community is like entering an exclusive club filled with the lamest people you know. I mean that in the best way. It’s very funny and very clever and has a whole lot of heart, but it’s also very pretentious. Most of the jokes are referential and require more than a passable knowledge of pop culture, so if that’s not your bag you’ll probably hate it. However, when it’s at it’s best, it’s really an amazing show. It’s currently streaming on Yahoo (after being dropped by Sony), and if the fans get their way there will probably be a movie too. If you love being a part of a community (GET IT?) you’ll probably love this too. -Kaylee Dugan


High Maintenance available on Vimeo

HBO just purchased High Maintenance from Vimeo which is both exciting and possibly disastrous unless they let them do exactly what they’ve been doing. A loosely connected series of weed anecdotes (The drug dealer is the lead character and by far the most likable person on screen) it features some of the most perfect dissections of New York life ever to be committed to any kind of screen. From insufferable hipsters to Park Slope lesbians to overworked assistants to stressed out Air BnBers, High Maintenance is both one of the funniest and most observant things you could be watching in 2015. And no, you don’t need to be high to love love LOVE it. -Svetlana Legetic


Catastrophe available on Amazon Prime

A brand new and very promising addition to the genre, the show features the always amazing Sharon Horgan (Free Agents, Pulling) and Rob Delaney (who had to move to England to get a sitcom under his belt) as an Irish teacher and a US ad executive who meet cute in London, have sex 25 times in one week, use condom not at all regularly, and guess what? End up pregnant. The twist being that he decides to move to England and make a go at it with this virtual stranger. What follows is pre-cancer, horrible friends, horniness mixed with depression, smoking and drinking, and some of the more candid, dirty conversations ever committed to screen. Delaney is not as natural in front of the camera as the British (super) pros around him are, but his lovable lunkheadedness goes a long way. We may have a keeper on our hands. -Svetlana Legetic


Moon Boy available on Hulu

What does a boy need to survive 1980s Ireland? Cute hats, a sense of humor, and an imaginary friend named Sean, naturally. If that imaginary friend is played by Chris O’Dowd (an unsung British sitcom MVP if there ever was one), all the better. The final result is funny, sweet, and (not) surprisingly touching. -Svetlana Legetic

Deadbeat available on Hulu

Tyler Labine who forever seems on the brink of something bigger and better stars as Kevin Pacalioglu, a mediocre medium for hire, who finds himself trying to solve various ghosts’ unresolved problems, so that they can move on to a final resting place. His best friend and drug dealer, Roofie sometimes helps. It is as weird and random and sporadically almost-too-kooky as it sounds.-Svetlana Legetic


Other Space available on Yahoo! Screen

All of the best commercial actors except Flo (YET) plus Joel (THE BEST HUMAN ON MSK3K) get on a spaceship and then get lost in space. Stealing gleefully from Red Dwarf, Archer, Parks, and Star Trek Voyager: The Final Indignity, the show manages to skewer the Nice Guy Stumbles Into Success trope along with garbage Sci-Fi science, while answering the vital question: “What if Verizon and AT&T made sweet sweet love together?” -Peter Heyneman

Coming Of Age

The Wonder Years available on Netflix

If you don’t love this family you don’t know what love is. Or America. Or Kevin! Or a hardass dad who just wants the best for his family but can’t come to terms with this new modern era. Or David Schwimer pre-Friends.

I wanted my first kiss to be like Kevin and Winnie’s first kiss because that was magical and something we should all strive to achieve. -Brandon Wetherbee


Saved by the Bell available on Netflix

Hi! I’m here to let you know, in case you didn’t, that your childhood is currently streaming on Netflix via every Saved by the Bell episode ever (well, not the college years, but that’s technically a different series). After spending my pre-teen afternoons catching syndicated reruns, I can confirm that SBTB is the singular cause of my disappointed, disaffected youth. The teenage experience simply cannot compare. I mean, how bummed were you to realize as a freshman that not one dude had either the charm or physique of Zach Morris and AC Slater? And your stale-ass school cafeteria pizza didn’t even come close to that of The Max. If you’re looking for a more brief stroll down memory lane, I recommend the almost fully cast SBTB reunion short found here on Jimmy Fallon. -Maddie Clybourn


Home Movies available on Adult Swim

If you haven’t seen Home Movies before now is your chance because it’s all on Adult Swim for free. The show is about some kids who make movies, so, much like Community, Mad Men, and everything Sorkin has ever drooled on, it is also a meta-fictional meditation on what it means to make art. Unlike those shows however, the conclusion is that art is hopeful and brave but ultimately kind of silly rather than some grand death-sex wish. Art is just something we do to pass the time that is marginally more important than soccer. Oh and it’s got Squigglevision. You’re welcome. -Peter Heyneman


Undeclared available on Netflix

Right after making the best, most original HIGH SCHOOL TV show ever made, Freaks & Geeks (which got promptly canceled and isn’t in this guide because it’s not a sitcom), Judd Apatow took a stab at college with Undeclared. And the result was…. you guessed only the best, most original COLLEGE TV show ever made which got promptly canceled too. Jay Baruschel, a pre Sons-of-Anarchy Charlie Hunnam, Carla Gallo, Monica Keena and Seth Rogan suffer through college and each other BUT it is the small roles that hold the most genius: from Jason Segal as “the older boyfriend” to Loudon Wainwright (dad of Rufus and Martha and a singing legend in his own right) kicking some ass as the father of the main character who just needs to let off some steam, the comedy Gods are truly in the details here. Don’t forget Kevin Hart was in this cast too. -Svetlana Legetic


Fresh Meat available on Hulu

If you take away anything from Fresh Meat, it’s that English universities are basically American universities but with much weirder (and more adorable) slang. The plot revolves around six freshmen (“freshies”) who are all forced to live in an off campus house instead of a traditional dorm, because of their late applications. They all have amazing names. Oregon (yes, everyone in the show calls her that) is a having a weird gross relationship with one of her professors, Vod (where are these names coming from???) does whatever the hell she wants and has a horrible mother, JP is always trying to get laid (basically Degrassi, am I right?), Howard is a super strange Scottish kid who is impossible to understand because of his dumb / awesome Scottish accent, and Jose and Kingsley are always almost hooking up, but not quite. It’s a riot. Mainly because all of them are terrible people and nothing is more fun than watching terrible people. -Kaylee Dugan



The Simpsons available on Hulu

The death knell for Fox’s flagship comedy was not the disheartening news that Homer & Marge will briefly divorce next season while he courts It Girl Lena Dunham. No, the call to don the black arm bands came when Spinal Tap and SNL alumnus Harry Shearer announced he would not be returning for season 27. Unacceptable. Springfield just isn’t Springfield without Mr. Burns, Rev. Lovejoy or Ned Flanders. Thankfully, the golden era eps aren’t going anywhere. As Shearer-creation Seymour Skinner might ask, “Kids, are you adequately prepared to rock?” Not without you, sir. Not without you.


South Park available on Hulu

People are always strangely surprised when they start quoting a South Park episode and I am a) able to quote it with them and b) talk with any familiarity about basically any South Park episode. I have no idea why this is because I basically watch an episode or two before bed every night. Everyone has a favorite South Park episode, I have two: “Cartman’s Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut” (purely for the amount of times they mention that Cartman’s father is the 1989 Denver Broncos) and “Free Willzyx,” which is the one where…. I can’t even start typing what it’s about without cracking up. South Park kind of streams on Hulu but it’s REALLY NOT ENOUGH. -Marissa Rubenstein


Bob’s Burgers available on Hulu

For years and years I was 100% sure that Daria was the only “adult” cartoon I would ever like (I put adult in scare quotes because Daria is truly a show for all ages), that is, until I saw Bob’s Burgers. Now a days, there are a couple of adult cartoons I adore, but none as much as Bob’s Burgers, which centers around a family of five, who own and run a burger joint. Not only does it make me laugh, it makes me feel good on the inside. Despite all of their financial problems and general setbacks, the Belcher family is the kind of family I would aspire to have. It feels so authentic, it’s hard to forget it’s just a cartoon. – Kaylee Dugan


Daria available on Amazon Prime

You know a show is special when you can watch it once a week and not get bored. Daria is what I put on when I don’t know what to watch, but I don’t want to be disappointed by a shitty Netflix horror movie. Putting Daria on is never a bad idea. Everyone likes Daria. Teenage girls like Daria. 60-year-old men like Daria. Five-year-olds probably like Daria (mostly because five-year-olds like cartoons). Despite the fact that it’s a story about a teenage girl navigating high school with her best friend, it is pretty universal. Yeah, it’s filled to the brim with nihilism 101 sentiments, but let’s be real, sometimes you need a healthy dose of cosmic doom (and a healthy dose of learning how to deal with said doom). -Kaylee Dugan


Cancelled Too Soon

Party Down available on Hulu

Two words: Paul Rudd. Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd or anything Paul Rudd associated? He co-wrote/created this series about a group of aspiring Hollywood actors and writers working at a catering company until they made it big. This actually happens in Los Angeles. What doesn’t happen is the following: Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge, Megan Mullally, Adam Scott and KEN MARINO in one room. Was cancelling this show a goof??? I don’t even have the time to go into the myriad of guest stars that made this show a half hour of weekly Wet Hot American Summer. Come on Starz, was your programming schedule so jam-packed you couldn’t keep this show? For shame. Thankfully most of the cast went onto equally as great endeavors (Lynch to Glee, Scott to Parks and Recreation, Marino to MY HEART), but I still miss that half-assed group of caterers who made a party better by completely ruining it. -Jenn Tisdale


Better Off Ted available on Netflix

26 episodes seems a lot these days but it is really only one season or so on network TV (still). This workplace centric comedy is set in a lab where EVERYTHING and ANYTHING can be invented, aside from adequate human interaction. Jay Harrington is perfectly handsome as the titular Ted (perfect last name: Crisp, trying to maintain some sanity in the face of total chaos surrounding him, and Portia De Rossi does an even sharper, more neurotic version of her Ally McBeal character as his boss Veronica. Lack of general likability of most characters is what got this canceled in 2010, but a properly sinister non-network reboot could easily make this a success story in 2015. -Svetlana Legetic


Selfie available on Hulu

It didn’t start strong but by the end of the 13 episode run, viewers were on board with the Pygmalion retelling starring Karen Gillan and John Cho. A horrible title, horrible ad campaign and horrible theme song made the show appear horrible. It was not horrible! In fact, it was a competent romantic comedy sitcom that didn’t ever cow tow to stereotypes or overused premises. It played with stereotypes and overused premises but it acknowledged them and took you to a Blues Traveler concert! Blues Traveler! -Brandon Wetherbee


Stoner Comedies

Bored To Death available on Amazon Prime, HBO Go

Was there ever a better mismatched trio of protagonists in a sitcom than Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis in Jonathan Ames’ ode-to-Brooklyn Bored to Death? I think not. As they saunter through sort-of-mysteries, smoking weed, drinking white wine and martinis and feeling emasculated by the increasingly powerful female presences in their lives, the trio never loses their comic timing or chemistry. John Hodgman and Oliver Platt as their nemesis are perfect as is the rotating cast of supporting recurring characters and one-off clients. Must see episodes include: the one with Olympia Dukakis, the one with Kristin Wiig, the one with Casey Wilson and the one with Brett Gelman. Always the one with Brett Gelman. -Svetlana Legetic


The League available on Hulu

People dismiss The League as the lesser of the FX sitcom style shows, and while that is maybe the case there is something about this show about a football fantasy league that, once you are hooked, will keep you coming back (and back). The chemistry between the leads is easy and relatable (come on, you all have a Ruxin or an Andre in your lives), the acting natural but never not on comedy timing point (having a Duplass on board keeps things always loose and fun, we all know that) and the smaller roles and cameos (Jason Matzoukas as Dirty Randy, Sarah Silverman as Andre’s slutty sister, Jeff Goldblum as Ruxin’s smarmy father, Seth Rogen as a porn impresario, assorted athletes who are CLEARLY FANS AS WELL) make every episode a salty, crunchy, little comedy midnight snack you can’t wait to unwrap. Trust us on this one. -Svetlana Legetic


Workaholics available on Hulu

THE OG STONER COMEDY OF THE 00S. Don’t even try to deny it. The three leads are perfect, but it is Jillian Bell (as Jillian Belk) that gives this show its unforeseen, delicious edge in the middle of all that smoke. In fact, if this doesn’t exist already, someone should make a supercut of all the best Jillian moments. Internet, do you hear me? -Svetlana Legetic


You Probably Never Saw

Trailer Park Boys available on Netflix

Why you’ve been avoiding it: Canada. Seem sad. Maybe make fun of the poor + dickly. Why do man do strange face? My Name Is Earl Favorite Show Same Territory

Why you should watch it: Funny. Joke funny. Not sad, but funny. Strange face man friend. Nice friend. Earl sucks, get over yourself. -Peter Heyneman


Danger 5 available on Netflix

About a month ago, during a random sick day, I came across this very weird Australian comedy about five British spies on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler. Seemed legit. For a tripped out six hours, I was in the throes of some anachronistic Austin Powers esq cult classic from when my dad used to do drugs, except not because a quick Google search revealed that Danger 5 actually debuted in 2012. I can’t wait to fake another sick day to finish this series. -Maddie Clybourn


Should Be Streaming

Happy Endings

Sort of a perfect cross between Friends and Seinfeld (but, you know, for the new generation), Happy Endings was all about the dark, weird, co-dependent life of friendship in the big city. The lead cast chemistry was perfect (P E R F E C T), the dialogue was so snappy and delivered at such breakneck speed it would make Aaron Sorkin dizzy and the plots dark and stormy (doll museums, revenge plots and Serbian curses ahoy). In other words – this is truly the sitcom that got away. -Svetlana Legetic


The Joe Schmo Show

If you are too young to remember, there was a time before America realized that reality shows were actually better off 100% scripted and fake. The original seasons of Real World, Survivor, Temptation Island, Vomit Cab, Breast Friends With My Cat, and the British Office, all contained a multitude of awkward, painful, humiliatingly real situations. It’s delicious to watch out of control attractive young folks get drunk and say horrible things, but in the end TV producers realized that it was more morally (and legally) prudent to fake incidents rather than just casting the worst humans available and lettin’ em rip. But before they did, in the heyday of this abyss, came Joe Schmo. A parody of a reality show, in which everything around an innocent star is faked, seems like a cliche now, but mostly because of fiction. This was the only time it was actually attempted, and, in a shocking turn of events, turned into one of the most delightful and heartwarming pieces of TV of all time. Watch the first season at least as soon as you can before reality disappears altogether. -Peter Heyneman

Murphy Brown

Candace Bergen changed things as Murphy Brown, the trailblazing, tough-as-nails, “it was her who stood up Warren Beatty” news reporter who somehow was still struggling to have it all (all, of course, being love on top of a career). This should be syndicated and streamed across America more than Everyobody Loves Raymond (at the very least). And yet, there is absolutely nowhere to find this show. Only the first season is on DVD, and nothing is available for streaming at all. So, lets reach hands across America and make this happen. You can do it, Internet. -Svetlana Legetic