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Hello, and welcome to the second edition of THE DUDE SUBSCRIBES!, which is a weekly shout-out to YouTube channels we think you should follow and why, or a “BIG LOWDOWNSKI”, if you will. (I will.)

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  • Who: Beth Hoyt (Twitter: @thebethhoyt, Instagram: @bethinshow)
  • What: We interviewed Beth fairly recently to talk about a bunch of different things, one of which was how she ended up developing the gem of a YouTube channel that is Beth In Show; initially she’d thrown herself into it while hosting My Damn Channel Live to promote a bigger and more personal YouTube presence, and it became a space for her to test out new comedic material that’s still going strong today. Her uploads are varied (which is nice), so while one day you might get a spot-on Tilda Swinton or Gwyneth Paltrow parody, another day might entail a vlog of Beth’s attempts to make healthy no-bake cookies (which are met with mixed albeit hilarious results).
  • Why: You know how people will say “LOL”, but really they’re not LOL’ing (and maybe not even smiling)? Well, I have genuinely LOL’d at every single Beth In Show upload I’ve watched, so it has my ultimate stamp of approval as a subscribe-worthy YouTube channel. And even if you don’t trust MY judgement, the proportion of thumbs-ups to thumbs-downs on all of the videos makes a pretty convincing argument. Definitely hop on the bandwagon or live forever in a LOL-less, miserable existence // THE CHOICE IS YOURS AND YOURS ALONE.

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