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Hello, and welcome to the THIRTEENTH edition of THE DUDE SUBSCRIBES!, which is a series that shouts out YouTube channels we think you should follow and why, or a “BIG LOWDOWNSKI”, if you will. (I will.)


  • Who: Jenny Mustard, IG + Twitter: @jennymustard
  • What: Jenny Mustard is a Swedish health goth and I LOVE HER! (I don’t think she’s actually described herself as a health goth specifically before, but that’s basically my way of saying she’s a minimalist vegan lifestyle blogger/vlogger.) Her videos tend to cover topics like minimalist home decorating (this is also where I first learned what hygge was), tips for nailing the minimalist lifestyle, how to stay organized, different vegan recipes, etc. Picture lots of black and white with pops of color from like, turmeric shots and green smoothies.
  • Why: This channel is aesthetics goals TO THE MAX. I consider myself to be a minimalist when it comes to my home and wardrobe, so that aspect of the content especially appeals to me. And even though I’m not vegan, I am pretty plant-based when it comes to meals at home, so I can also totally get down with the food component. Mostly I just think she’s really cool, though, and that’s what keeps me tunin’ in. Highly would recommend hitting the subscribe button.