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Hello, and welcome back to another round of THE DUDE SUBSCRIBES!, which is a series that shouts out YouTube channels we think you should follow and why. Here’s the “BIG LOWDOWNSKI”, if you will. (I will.)


  • Who: The Financial Diet, @TFDiet
  • What: The fun thing (and by “fun thing” I mean “excruciating thing”) about adulthood is that you slowly begin to realize nobody (in most cases) adequately prepared you to adult. I don’t just mean having to teach yourself basic life skills, like cooking something more nutritionally dense than ramen noodles – I’m talking HOW TO BE FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. And The Financial Diet is a YouTube channel that tries to tackle some of those topics in easily digestible videos. (They also have a website, and a book.) They cover everything from smart budgeting to taxes to credit to the job market.
  • Why: People are FINALLY starting to talk about money, so this is certainly not the only resource in that department. (Which is great news!) But it’s a good place to either brush up on some of those unpleasant topics you’d prefer to sweep under the rug, and/or to start thinking about things you’d never even considered. Solid advice and actionable tips are delivered in to-the-point videos, making this channel extra-great for the time-pressed human, and the tone of the videos is also very non-scary and non-judgey, which makes it easier to feel inspired to fix what you’re doing wrong and be more proactive in the future. Bonus? It’s a female-run enterprise! Hell yeah!