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Hello, and welcome back to another round of THE DUDE SUBSCRIBES! (THE FIRST ONE OF 2020 WOWEE!), which is a series that shouts out YouTube channels we think you should follow and why. Here’s the “BIG LOWDOWNSKI”, if you will. (I will.)


  • Who: Breakfast With, @gracieotto
  • What: This is Australian filmmaker Gracie Otto’s delightfully weird breakfast interview show! I stumbled on it a few weeks ago, and it’s easily one of my favorite discoveries of all time. You should subscribe!
  • Why: Gracie meets up with a variety of fascinating characters, from artist Anthony Lister to actress Phoebe Tonkin to filmmaker Tao Ruspoli to (most recently) interior designer Miv Watts, and (as advertised) has breakfast with said person of interest. Even though the episodes are all fairly brief, they’re such an interesting watch; everything is edited together in such a fun, quirky, stream-of-consciousness way, and THE TANGENTS! (P. much my dream style of interview; 2020 goals for any/all upcoming chats I conduct for BYT.) In sum, a v. nice little laid-back slice o’ life vibe with some entertaining folks, and definitely one I’d recommend you to check out ASAP!

ALSO – like many of her fellow countrymen, Gracie has been vocal about the Australian bushfire crisis; if you haven’t already, make a donation towards relief efforts (she suggests this one, and here are some additional ones we wrote about yesterday). 


Check out the full channel for more, duh!