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You know the one:
at 4th and New York Avenue N.E., with the hooker motel around back (kidding. maybe). If you spent significant chunks of your life at places like Red, House of Secrets and (the old) State of The Union, then you probably know. If you don’t, believe; you’re missing out on church. It’s the District’s newest, nicest, best-organized (and onliest) underground dj-venue.

The inaugural party was HUGE. The second party (that I went to) banged equally well. Last saturday’s, my third, was put together by DJ Double 07, who along with Ray Kang hosted Knee Deep at the Blue Room (now Bourbon), a deep house party that just a few of years ago owned thursday nights for over two years. Ask anyone. As for this party, “diversity” sort of understates the breadth of flavors on the roster, the way “controversy” falls short of describing the mild drama on the District Soul BBS caused by the party’s announcement thread. DJ scattegories aside, the quality of the party and the communal fever that was felt — especially during Stacy Kidd’s set– goes a long way towards building the legend that this space will become. It will be a good summer.

The complete photoset is here.