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It’s Belgian Restaurant Week, DC. While we’re all about beer and frog legs (and especially mussels), this very special week got us thinking about the sweetest, carbiest, most favorite dessert-like way to start the day and one of the greatest gifts Belgium has ever bestowed upon the world–the Belgian Waffle.

Now in order to fully appreciate this post, you’ll have to set aside your preconceived notions of the Belgian Waffle; these recipes and awesome ways to change your life are not entirely Belgian Waffle-specific–the batters might not be light enough, the grid large enough, and nary a Belgian-like fluffy texture shall you find when your waffle is wrapped around a chicken wing. This is a celebration of all things waffle from all walks of life. Enjoy these epic gamechangers and never forget:

  • Everyone knows chicken and waffles fucking rule. But what if you waffle-ized some chicken wings? Lazy or revolutionary? Regardless, it’s totally legit because the waffle leads the chicken into the stomach like a sherpa, right, gentlemen?

    Get the recipe right over here…
  • If chicken’s not your thing, throw some bacon in there–it makes everything except your health better and that’s a fact, Jack.
  • Lean more toward sweet than savory when it comes to waffle concoctions? Put a twist on the age-old creamy topping with booze-infused whipped cream like a pro. You can buy ’em at specialty stores or, if you’re a DC local, get it on your waffles at Rock and Roll Hotel.
  • Turn convention on its head and make that waffle shit healthy with this recipe for vegan pumpkin quinoa waffles.
  • Jack in the Box just debuted its new waffle sandwich. It’s not too much help for anyone on the east coast, so here’s a tip: save the airfare. We can do better in DC. How? Head to Wicked Waffle over in Adams Morgan or try a recipe at home like this badass Reuben Waffle Sandwich. Oh hellllllll yes.
  • Turn ’em into waffle pops and stuff ’em with shrimp (dip in cilantro mango sauce for winning combo). – recipe here.
  • Turn that shit into a pizza pocket – recipe here.
  • If you want it to be the holidays, it shall be so. Sort of. You can expedite the fall process–or at least flavors–by cooking up some fried turkey and stuffing waffles. Put this in your mouth:
  • Stuff ’em with eggs, bacon, sausage, bell peppers, ham, caramelized onions, mushrooms and cheese just like you’d famously get at Grid Iron Waffle Shop.
  • Go all-out with some Nutella Waffle Nachos like a pro.
  • Or try another mini waffle recipe–these’ll be perfect for snacks, putting in your pockets, using as the ultimate fatkid bookmark, surprising your friends/making you the santa clause of diabetes when you give people awesome high fives with waffles in your hands, etc.
  • Take care of all those breakfast food groups at once with a Ham, Cheese & Eggs Waffle (or Croque Madame) – recipe here.
  • Turn Japanese on that shit and make a Moffle–Mochi (typically found in dessert) will griddle in waffle form to make a thick rice-paste. They’re all the rage in Japan; just one more amazing technology they’ve beaten us to.
  • Sure ice cream and chocolate are predictable toppings for waffles, unless you’re constructing an epic waffle fortress filled with jello, marshmallows, frosting, ice cream, whipped cream and candy–totaling a whopping 136,401-calories. This is the perfect sendoff for this post. And also your pre-diabetes health. These boys are heroes:

For some less waffle-centric DC Belgian Restaurant Week tips and schedules, check out these solid round-ups by The Huffington Post, Washingtonian and DC Beer.