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Isaac Gillespie is a cool dude. I met the cool guy earlier this year. He sang a song about cool things and it was cool. He knows cool. His cool band, The Due Diligence, has a cassette release show at Pianos on Thursday. It’ll be cool. -ed.


Relatives have been the best kept musical secret in New York for a long-uh long time. Fundamentally it’s composer Ian Davis (who’s done string and horn arrangements for Feist and Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen) and singer Katie Vogel. From there they sometimes stretch out inviting all manner of rock band/orchestras/singers. At the heart of Relatives are these gems of songs that combine sophisticated musicality and salty-sweet hooks.

“How does a gall bladder affect the kinds of things one does and says to their loved ones?” How indeed!

You can see them live opening the show at the Due Diligence Cassette Release, PIANOS 10/2!

Cop Cars

Did you ever notice how many different kinds of police cars you can see in New York? There’s tons – it’s amazing! Check it out, there’s all different kinds of units in the NYPD, each one has it’s own special police car! I just think it’s great. There’s even police cars that look like taxis!

Home Challenge: if you see an interesting police car out on the street, take a photo and tweet it to me at @isaacgillespie and I’ll feature your photos here on the Cool Report.


Palisades is a newer venue on Broadway near Myrtle in Bushwick. If you are friends with musicians in New York you’ve probably heard about it. And I know what you’re thinking, “Is it cool?” Well I have been there five or six times by now AT LEAST and I’m ready to tell you, it’s pretty cool.

DIY venues are like comedy shows, you really can’t judge how good they are in the first six episodes (or in the case of DIY spaces let’s say six months). It takes a minute for a vibe to gel. Palisades is essentially a big open room. The sound is kinda boomy and the space is so big if it’s not packed it feels kind of empty.

But the people who work there are GENUINE and the vibe is always just right. So check it out! May I recommend Jeffrey Lewis/Shilpa Ray/Palberta on Oct 4 or Schwervon/Bluffing/Prewar Yardsale on Oct 13. There’s also a cool show Oct 2 but of course you’ll be at PIANOS.

Check out this very cool music video that was shot partly at Palisades:

Ticket Scalping

When I was a kid scalping tickets was seen as a very vile subhuman act. Sweet concert tickets are a limited community resource you’re supposed to take what you need and leave the rest for your fellow man. But I guess scalping tickets is cool now?

I recently had to buy tickets from a scalper and it was as confusing as it was frustrating. I’ll spare you the details but I really had to chase the dude down through texts and emails, etc. It felt very much like I was the offscreen punchline to a joke in a Seth Rogen movie about ticket scalpers. I kept getting texts like, “oh so sorry man, I’ll send them tonight!” But the craziest part was that every message included and invitation to ‘like’ the scalper on facebook!

Check it out: Ticket Brother’s. Leaving aside the obvious typo in the name of their business (or maybe it’s not a typo and it’s just one dude who considers himself the Ticket Brother? This it the Ticket Brother’s ticketing service?), check out the copy in the about section:

Ticket Brother’s was an idea that came about to provide customers with the best service when purchasing event tickets. We strive to do our best to put quality behind our product.

I don’t know, call me old-fashioned. But wouldn’t the best service include not having to pay a third party 300% of the ticket price because they gobbled them all up in the first minutes of sales? Again:

Our mission is to provide each customer with the cheapest available ticket on the market.

It feels very strange in the era of “music industry collapse” to be paying Ticket Brother twice as much as the band, venue, promoter and legitimate ticketing service combined. Does anybody have insight on this?

Parlor Walls

Parlor Walls is a new band from EULA’s bombastic frontwoman Alyse Lamb. EULA has already made a name for themselves as high energy charismatic noise noise/punk economy. Parlor Walls is sort of denser and still very accessible. Also more economical; EULA is a three-piece, Parlor Walls is a duo with Lamb playing guitar and singing and Chris Mulligan drumming and playing keys.

You can see them live closing the show at the Due Diligence Cassette Release, PIANOS 10/2!