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Feliz Navidad. The holidaze are upon us and it’s time to take stock in the year. Or at least it’s the season to buy a bunch of shit for people that you only talk to a couple of times a year and really only then because you share DNA. Over the past five years BYT and Flying Dog Ale have brought you some pretty freakin’ epic holiday sweater and 4th of July parties.

So epic, in fact, that it’s left several of our friends’ houses completely trashed and BYT CEO Jason Bond Pratt’s favorite coat stolen.

——————-CHECK OUT THIS GIF————–

Alas, this year we’re declaring the Ugly Sweater Party dead.

It’s jumped the shark. We are moving on to bigger and better things. This year, rather than giving you a static party, we’re creating a frickin’ parade. You heard that correct, all you need to get in on this action is a) a car, b) a designated driver and c) all those old Christmas lights and decorations that are sitting in your attic.

Here’s the deal, on December 18th (Saturday night) at roughly 7pm, the 1st annual BYT/Flying Dog Krazy Krismis Karavan will gather at Jack’s Boathouse in Georgetown to fuel up on Hot Cider and Cakelove/Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter Cupcakes before departing on a parade of lights through the lovely Rock Creek Park all the way up to Politics and Prose for a reading of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with some surprise celebrities and free Flying Dog Ale.

We’ll then move the party over to Comet Ping Pong for a night of festivities with Sherell Rowe (DC) and Sidewalk Driver (Boston). This party is also free. Because we’re in the spirit of the season. So get your car ready:

Also, if you’re a bicycle rider, we’ll have an alternate parade route up to Comet and P&P:

Here are all the dirty details from our friends at Flying Dog:

Instead of reaching for that tacky, felt-adorned sweater, dig out those old Christmas lights and hop in the car. Flying Dog and Brightest Young Things are taking our annual holiday party on the road. On Saturday, December 18, we’re hosting a Christmas Lights Art Car Parade in Washington, DC. The mission of Christmas Lights is for a band of merry revelers in Art Cars to descend upon Georgetown, grand marshaled by the Flying Dog Winnebago. (Willie’s Bus ain’t got nothing on this Gonzo land yacht.) The parade is open to the public, so we encourage everyone to decorate their vehicles and join in for what is guaranteed to be a night for the history books.

Parade participants will assemble at Jack’s Boathouse at 7 pm for a welcome reception featuring CakeLoveGonzo Cupcakes (made with our Gonzo Imperial Porter) and hot cider. From there, the plan of attack is as follows:

  • 8 pm: Head down K Street to Rock Creek Parkway, up to Politics and Prose
  • 8:30 pm: Politics and Prose – Celebrity Guests’ LIVE Reading of How The Grinch Stole Christmas! with complimentary Flying Dog beers.
  • 9:30 pm: Comet Ping Pong – Culmination party with Flying Dog draft specials, LIVE music from Sherell Rowe (DC) and Sidewalk Driver (Boston), and all sorts of kick ass awards for a variety of superlatives relevant to the night’s festivities.

THE FINE PRINT: In keeping with the holiday spirit, this entire event is FREE. All car entries will need a designated driver on hand at the start of the Christmas Lights parade. In addition to art cars, DC’s hardcore cyclists (motorcycles and bicycles) are also welcome to participate with art bicycles.

An electronic copy of the release can be found at www.FlyingDogNews.com