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It’s halfway through the month of Ramadan– there are fifteen days left, which means we’ve powered (or grumbled) through the easiest part. At this point, you’re growing weary of mamma’s kafta. Maybe you simply cannot stomach another budget Iftar featuring CVS’ finest tuna and boxed spaghetti. You’re a little suspicious of that fasoulia that keeps appearing, untouched, at your masjid’s nightly Iftar. Perhaps you’re a non-Muslim in NoVA, running out of friends’ family Iftars to invite yourself to. No matter what your situation is, there are plenty of Iftar options in DC, from buffets to fundraisers to forums. Keep checking your fasting app (seriously), and keep yourself distracted until ready to dig in.

For those of you who are new to this, Iftar is the holy dinner with which Muslims break fast during Ramadan. C’mon guys; you have the same internet as we do, right?

Buffets and Special Menus

  • El Khartoum – Nightly buffet with changing menu items, North African fare featured.
  • Fettoosh – Traditional Moroccan fare offered during Ramadan.
  • Lebanese Taverna – Break fast with dates and dried apricots, traditional soup and tea for $8. Halal entrees available.
  • Meze Restaurant–  Iftar menu through August 8. Includes Iftar plate, soup, salad, main course (changes daily), dessert, Turkish tea and Turkish coffee. $30.
  • Zaaki Restaurant and Cafe – Iftar buffet featuring fresh barbecue and grilled items, entrees, traditional sides, and tea and coffee. $11.99.

Special Iftar Events

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