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I was having a fairly okay morning; I did my morning workout, had my morning 6 coffees, sent a few emails and everything was normal and fine. But then my friend messaged me. “DO YOU KNOW TODAY IS NATIONAL HUMMUS DAY?”

(All caps here is CRUCIAL.)

And I did not! I did not know that it was National Hummus Day, but I absolutely believe that one of my favorite things in the world (essentially it is its own food group in my diet) deserves its own day. Hummus has been my one grounding constant in the quarantimes. Every Sunday, without fail, I make my hummus for the week and I have it with my dinner almost every night, and I genuinely look forward to it. It doesn’t matter how bad my day is going when I have my hummus to look forward to in the evening.

Whether you want to make some hummus yourself or order some in for delivery or takeout – here is where you can find, in my personal (but correct opinion), the best of the best hummus in Washington D.C.

For Delivery/ Takeout

Little Sesame

We have previously described Little Sesame’s hummus as life changing , and that still rings true. For those of you thinking a bowl of hummus could not possibly make a whole meal, think again – Little Sesame’s bowls of golden goodness are filling and magical and guaranteed to brighten your day with their vibrant toppings.



After traveling through Israel and Morocco (where it is socially acceptable to have hummus for every meal, which is truly my preferred method), I can verify that the BEST hummus texture is when it is a little bit like hummus ice cream, just kind of thick and sticks to the spoon. Shouk’s hummus nails that perfect texture. Pair it with their pillowy pita and you will not be disappointed.

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Jose Andrés’ Greek stalwart wins bonus points for usually having super creative hummus. At the moment it seems they have gone back to a more traditional variety of the nectar of the gods, but it is still reliably delicious. 10/10 would devour.

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Make Your Own

This is my go-to recipe for making my own hummus at home! Deliciousness every time! I recommend good quality tahini if you can find it (Lior is my favorite brand), but any tahini will do. It truly takes about 5 minutes to make.

Full recipe from Israeli Soul cookbook here.

Did I miss your favorite hummus in town? Sound off in the comments (also feel free to share your favorite hummus recipe!)


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