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DCist recently did a comprehensive guide to where you can catch a drive-in movie (or two) in the DMV area this summer, so if you’ve got access to a vehicle, definitely go check that out to prepare for some good, safe, sanitary fun!

I’m just here to tell you which films I think are going to be the most worthwhile. (And as you may have guessed from the title, yes, this is HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE.)

Groundhog Day, screening at the Drive-In at Union Market July 30th

I mean, this is a movie that pretty perfectly sums up this entire pandemic/quarantine experience. (WHEN WILL IT END?!) Very timely, I approve.

Talladega Nights, screening at Savage Mill July 31st

I never thought I would say this, but I weirdly have a renewed appreciation for Ricky Bobby after having watched Will Ferrell in Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga earlier this summer.

Wayne’s World, screening at Capital One’s Summer Drive-In Movie Nights July 31st

Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon? (Seriously, if someone doesn’t make that joke at least once at a drive in movie screening…MAJOR MISSED OPPORTUNITY.) But seriously, Wayne’s World is an ultimate throw-back that I WOULD NOT MISS.

Crazy Rich Asians, screening at Columbia Pike August 1st

Ask a single solitary person if they didn’t LOVE THIS MOVIE. (If they spout anything other than so much praise, something is the matter with their judgment.)

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, screening at Capital One’s Summer Drive-In Movie Nights August 1st

I cannot even quantify how many times I’ve seen this movie over the course of my life. And it never gets old! PURE MAGIC.

Footloose, screening at Capital One’s Summer Drive-In Movie Nights August 2nd

Capital One is really killin’ it with the programming, everybody! The OG Footloose is set to close out this v. nostalgic weekend of screenings, and I am HERE FOR IT.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, screening at Savage Mill August 14th

This movie was fantastic. I’m still buzzin’ off everything about it (very much including the soundtrack), so I definitely count this one as an important drive-in watch.

Coco, screening at Columbia Pike August 22nd

This movie gave me an existential crisis (and made me cry) and like, the best possible way. I can only imagine how great it will feel to cry to it all over again, but this time inside of a parked vehicle! (Unless you don’t want to do car vibes, in which case you can also set up shop on the grass if you promise to maintain social distance!)

The Birdcage, screening at Savage Mill August 24th

So good, so gay, and such a great way to keep the Pride vibes going all summer long from a safe social distance.

Which ones are YOU excited for? Did I list them? Do we fundamentally disagree? SOUND OFF!!!