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all photos: Kimberly Cadena and Lexie Moreland

I would take a delicious cheeseburger over a solid makeout session- unless that makeout session involved heavy grill-based foreplay.

In honor of the cheeseburger- I rounded together 4 D.C. residents who share an equal love for partying and cheeseburgers. Together we made magic for the attendees of the 1st Annual Amateur Cheeseburger Competition at Jimmy Valentine’s- attendees who are now the founding members of the D.C. Cheeseburger Federation.

The mission of the D.C. Cheeseburger Federation is to create a safe space for like-minded burger, booze and party enthusiasts. With the help of our 4 amateur cheeseburger chefs, BYT Smirnoff Kool-Aid, the Don Julio Silver Tequila girls, and Jimmy V’s I believe we did just that.


The winning cheeseburger recipe belonged to Philippe Chetrit:

-Potato bun
-Sharp cheddar
-Fatty meat cooked with onions, parsley, minced-half-cooked bacon and marinated in BBQ sauce.
-Onions sauteed in bacon fat and agave nectar
-Kosher pickles
-Mayo and ketchup.
-Fresh vine ripened tomatoes

Coming in a close second was Mitchell West’s blue cheese burger:

-Hand ground mix of Chuck and Sirloin steak,
-Topped with mushrooms sauteed in red wine
-Sprinkled generously with blue cheese.

Star Silva prepared a delicious Longhorn burger:

-Made-from-scratch jalapeno cheese buns
-Tex Mex patty filled with longhorn cheddar
-Spicy guacamole with tomato
-Pickled red onions

And Jesse Bishop debuted the first ever meatball burger:

-Parmesan Marinara Burgers using 80/20 ground beef.
-Canned peeled plum tomato Marinara sauce (thick)
-Mozzarella slices
-Shaved parmesan
-A crusty roll to soak up the marinara juice


Cheezeburger-3 Cheezeburger-2

Cheezeburger-6 Cheezeburger-11 Cheezeburger-15

Cheezeburger-5 Cheezeburger-1

Cheezeburger-33 Cheezeburger-13 Cheezeburger-12


Cheezeburger-19 _K5X9016

Cheezeburger-16 Cheezeburger-14


Cheezeburger-35 Cheezeburger-34







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_K5X9070 _K5X9058.jpg Cheezeburger-17