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We’re so honored to have been chosen as Best Local Website/Blog in Washington Blade’s Best of Gay D.C. 2020 Readers’ Choice awards! It means a lot in the first place, but especially this year, which has been rife with uncertainty. A big thank you to our audience; without you, there would be no us!

We’d also like to shout out Feed The Malik, who won Editor’s Choice in our category, and who we’ve talked about on BYT before; if you’re somehow not hip to Anela Malik’s food blog, it’s an incredible resource that celebrates diverse food stories in the DC area! (It’s also full of great recipes if you’re more into a home cooking vibe!) Bookmark it ASAP.

Scope all the 2020 winners here; loads of great people and places to support year-round, whether you’re after a killer to-go cocktail, a virtual fitness class, or even a doctor – fantastic array of highlights to keep handy however you identify.

And obviously support Washington Blade! They do such an amazing job of representing the LGBTQ+ community with new stories on the daily, and we’re so glad to have them as a mainstay resource.