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by Marina Morrison

FOR DARK HEARTS ONLY! Looking for the latest in GOTH fashion? Searching forsome new gravewave & industrial records to play at your next séance? In the mood tomake a gothic confession? We’ve got all this and more.


Toxic Vision Clothing is the brainchild of Sharon Toxic, a designer based out of Toronto, Ontario, who creates handmade, gothic pieces inspired by the likes of KISS and Alice Cooper. Toxic Vision is a one-woman show and all pieces are crafted from start to finish by Toxic herself, who manages to make about 10-15 pieces a week.
Toxic’s creations look like a vision from your most beautiful nightmares, and the prices might give you nightmares too! The cost of any piece could range from $75-$400, but keep in mind these pieces are entirely handcrafted and an endless source of inspiration if you want to create your own gothic pieces. Toxic’s latest accomplishment is an appearance at Bloodstock Open Air 2012, an annual metal festival hosted in Derbyshire,
UK. Check out a preview here:

Browse through Toxic’s clothing for the damned at her online shop

The Dark Dreams of Natalie Shau

Ever wonder what it would look like if Marie Antoinette and Marilyn Manson had a love child? Well now you don’t have to! The illustrations and photography of Lithuanian artist Natalie Shau are the perfect balance of delicate and wicked. Shau has worked with major companies like Sony BMG, Island Def Jam, and Simon and Schuster and has published in countless publications including Vogue and Playboy. She’s been featured in Kat Von D’s Wonderland Gallery and the Phillips de Pury & Company Gallery located in the Meatpacking district of NYC. Check out her work here:

GOTH CONFESSIONS: You can’t sit with us!

Goths have a lot of feelings and mostly deal with these feelings by submitting to an alternative version of Post Secret titled Goth Confessions. Goth means more than hot topic tripp pants, black eyeliner, and blasting AFI’s Miss Murder.

Want to submit your own or read more?

Here are a few of the latest post-punk/industrial/electronic tracks to keep you busy until the apocolypse.


Cult of Youth has been Seth Ragon’s experimental music venture for the last five years. Ragon’s tracks have caught the attention of other major experimental artists and have landed him opening acts for Zola Jesus and Cold Cave. The track boasts a unique approach to darkwave as Ragon cites influences from the likes of Nový Svět, ‘60s Miles Davis, and Velvet Underground. Check out a track from his latest album Love Will Prevail:
Cult of Youth – Garden of Delights by sacredbones


Night Sins is a post-punk/goth group hailing from Philadelphia reminiscent of Bauhaus and Joy Division. Self described as “Coffin bound groans that creep through the corridors of one’s mind like a half-recalled glimpse into the beyond. Christian Death/Bauhaus/Samhain possession with haunting vocals that hearken the ghost of Peter Steele.”

Like what you hear? Both of these bands will be playing along with HOT GUTS (another post-punk outfit from Philly) on November 13th at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia.


Crystal Castles just released a new track. Free download available here:

Crystal Castles – Plague by Crystal Castles

Need a proper gothic set of wheels to tool around in? Build yourself a Carthedral! A modified 1971 hearse complete with flying buttresses and gargoyles. This is the ultimate DIY project built by Rebecca Caldwell.

That’s all for now darklings! Have a good weekend and be sure to join a game of GOTH TWISTER!

How about a McDeath Burger? or maybe a SadMeal?