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What with the NYE date selection process in full swing, we thought it’s a perfect time to rerun Libby’s really fun game for all of us to play to remind you that knowing what you don’t want is just as important as knowing what you do want in a long term relationship (LTR).

Your Worst Mate Generator:

1. Pick a horrible article of clothing.

2. Pick a college activity/club.

3. Pick a terrible band or genre of music.

4. Choose brand of cigarettes / drink / or drug.

5. Pick a life experience (journey or trip that you find very annoying).

6. Pick a television show/movie.

7. Pick a job.

I’ll go first. This is my personal nightmare:

1. Wears Tevas by default but will opt for dorky dress shoe Doc Martens on special occasions.

2. Played ultimate frisbee at a college in Colorado

3. Loves bootleg live Jam band performances and Techno mixes from Israeli raves.

4. Smokes Winstons and does Oxy “casually”

5. Went on tour but wasn’t in the band.

6. Watches Fight Club over and over.

7. Delivers subs.

YUCK. Have fun in the comment section!


How to generate a random  evil NPC Girlfriend.

Step 1: Roll 2d8 * (her age-21)

0-1:  Pick a sexual deviancy.

2-3:  Pick a sexual aversion.

3-4: Pick a famous ex-boyfriend who she’s embarrassed to discuss with you

5-6: Pick a pet she treats like a elderly parent.

7:  Roll 3d10 + 10 for mother’s BMI

8-9:  Pick a random concatenation of consonants and/or numbers to insert into her name.

9-10: Pick a sushi restaurant for her to waitress for, or an organic market.

11-12: Pick a fictional ethnic heritage that she insists makes her a victim of oppression and should never be joked about.

12-14: Pick a ubiquitous cute hat.

15-16:  Pick a french person whom she worships yet whose name she cannot pronounce.

Step 2: Puke

For instance, I just rolled up Se6oyni, a level 5 Armenian who wears a fez when she hostesses at Yes! and will fly into a rage if you touch her shoulder blades. Her potbelly pig is named Dee-Rida. She is evil.