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Camp is a great place to make friends – it’s hard not to when you put a ton of people into a singular area, make them sleep in bunk beds and sit around a fire eating canned food. Sometimes, however, there’s a special, extra spark that takes place. Before you know it, BOOM – you have a camp crush.

Next Friday, we’re teaming up with the Smithsonian American Art Museum to throw End-Of-Summer Camp – a one-night-only camping themed party, and it’s the perfect place to meet your next camp crush! If you’ve never been to camp before, but still want to get in on the crush-action, we’ve got a little guide here of all the types of campers you might meet along the way.

Tickets to End-Of-Summer-Camp are like camp crushes – disappearing soon! Be sure to buy yours now!

The One Who Is Super Into Everything
This camper is way too into sports. And theme nights. And anything they could see as a competition. Camp is a game to them, and they are here to win. Something about their drive and their commitment to the bit made you wonder what else they can commit to…

The Nature Lover
The only person in camp who is actually there because they enjoye the outdoors, and that includes counselors. This person carries a book identifying trees in their backpack, and is super passionate about saving the world which, you know, is hot.

The One Who Would Rather be at Home
They can usually be found in their cabin, desperately trying to connect their iPod to whatever scraps of WiFi are available. Mostly, you just want them for their secret internet connection.

The Effortlessly Skilled Camper
This camper can do everything that needs to be done, and barely even try. Tent? Pitched. Fire? Lit. S’mores? Roasted to that perfect golden brown. And they do it all with a choker on, hair down, while somehow remaining unsweaty. You dreamed of your relationship being as effortless as them rigging a sailboat. 

The Bad Boy
Always wears jeans, especially when it is 90 degrees out. Definitely a little too interested in the campfire, and in fact, he smells like smoke for days after an actual campfire. Probably unrelated. Too cool for camp, and you can only hope to be deemed too cool as well.

The Hipster (Before you knew what a Hipster was)
This camper always has a beanie on, usually accompanied by flannel. You will often catch yourself gazing at them across the campfire as they read Vonnegut or Sallinger by fire light. They act like they know everything, but aren’t even good kissers.

The Acoustic Guitar Douche
And for my next song, here’s “Wonderwall”. Or maybe some Sublime. Crushing on a musician is super fun, until you realize the guitar spell worked on everyone else at camp too. Now you’re just in a cult.

The Unsettlingly Nice Camper
This person has no reason to be as nice as they are. Always smiling, this camper is popular, rich and beautiful, but they still comfort you when you’re feeling homesick. They always share their candy, and they make you feel like you can be cool, too. That being said, there’s definitely something off about them – why are they so sickly sweet?

The Best Friend
This is the person you spend all your time with, you’re completely inseparable. Your friendship is comfortable and familiar, and you are primed for it to become something more. The two of you can often be found huddled together under your sleeping bag with the jar of Nutella you snuck into camp. Definitely not based on a real story. 

The Camp Counselor
Older and cooler, this person is immediately on your radar – maybe it’s the power? No, it’s the whistle. They always wave at you, even when they are with their older and cooler friends. And they totally say hi because they like you, and not because it is their job. Right?

Ready to find camp love? Great – tickets are still available, but going fast to End-Of-Summer Camp! A wonderful place to meet someone, fall in love, and then never see them again! Get your tickets now and we’ll see you at Camp BYT! Whistle Blows

End-Of-Summer Camp
Friday September 20, 2019
8:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Smithsonian American Art Museum
800 G St NW Washington DC 20004