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Halloween falls on a Friday this year, which leaves little to no excuse to head out to parties looking like yourself this weekend. In the grand tradition of last year’s Girls on Film: Halloween Style Inspiration, we are proud to present something for the guys this time around. We’ve got six easy-to-throw-together costume ideas for you + friends, all inspired by your favorite men of the small screen. CUE THE THEME SONGS, BWAHAHAHAAHAAAAA:

Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage

Al Bundy rests firmly at the bottom of the heap as the most put-upon guy in television history. Having to deal with with two ungrateful kids (Bud and Kelly, I’m looking at you), dodging fat chicks at the shoe store, and – WORST OF ALL – the kitten-heeled, animal print-clad, pompadour-having, sex-starved PEG, wouldn’t you be miserable too? Costume needs are few: a distaste for women’s shoes, a workaday uniform of dress pants, shirt, and tie, and, of course, an expression of pure and utter misery. Bonus points for having an illicit copy of “Bigguns,” one hand constantly down your pants, and a kitten-heeled, animal print-clad, pompadour-having, sex-starved companion.

Tonight: The Flight of the Conchords.

Because Bret and Jemaine are two of the most akward, hilarious, akwardly hilarious Australians New Zealanders you’ll ever meet; because you can make Jemaine’s sideburns out of just about anything and they’ll still be funny (we used pieces of an old fur stole and some double-sided tape); because one bike helmet + one week without shaving + one 70s puffy ski vest/very small sweatshirt all adds up to the perfect Bret costume; because girls dig guitars AND accents; and, most of all, because this is basically what your closet looks like anyways. Oh, and because there ain’t no party like my Nana’s tea party. Word.

It’s kinda strange – you’re looking happily deranged

Pete and Pete and Artie, the Strongest Man in the World, were always up to something. Whether broadcasting conspiracy theories on WART, Little Pete’s pirate radio station, or obsessively photo-documenting vacations so Big Pete’s bestie Ellen (a “girl and a friend, but not a girlfriend”) could develop their film at the The Quik-Pik Photo Booth, there was never a dull, not-surreal moment for the Brothers Wrigley. The Petes’ aesthetic is all Middle School and all mid-90s – just make sure the hair is red and that Little Pete sports his trademark flannel and lumberjack hat. Bone up on Artie’s look by watching The Artie Workout a hundred times a day, and – for the love of God – DO NOT forget about Petunia…

Photography: Shervin Lainez
Sets & Styling: Morgan Hungerford
Headers/Graphic Design: Erik Loften

Al Bundy: Rory Sheridan
Bret: Mark Keeler
Jemaine: Mitchell West
Big Pete: Will Sharp
Little Pete: Cole Sharp
Artie, the Strongest Man In The World: Gavin Holland

FOTC hair: Cortney Hungerford
Special thanks to Svetlana Legetic, Ben Green, and Hungerford Printers.