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If you’re already on the Teenage Bounty Hunters train, you’re probably going, “Girl, how’d it take you this long to get to where we have been?” And like, I get it. I’m super late (read: exactly a month late) to the party, and I offer my sincerest apologies to pretty much everyone. But now that I’m here, I just kind of need to shout it from the rooftops.


I’ll be honest, when I first saw the trailer for the Netflix series, I was a mega-doubter. It just didn’t seem like a show anybody (or at least I) needed, so I didn’t watch until (randomly) last week, which is when I decided to give it a skeptical go.


To back up for a minute, the premise (as the title would imply) is that teenage fraternal twins Blair (played by Anjelica Fellini) and Sterling (played by Maddie Phillips) fall into the bounty hunting business (as you do). They also happen to attend an uber-Christian high school, so it’s like, not complicated at all.

On top of that, their parents appear to be harboring a big ol’ secret of their own, because things weren’t already not complicated at all enough! And so we get a batch of episodes in season one that are full of suspense, but also (more importantly) SUCH GOOD BANTER.

Seriously, the chemistry between Fellini and Phillips (and Kadeem Hardison, who plays Bowser, their boss/mentor) is next-level. (Think: Gilmore Girls vibes, but like, with way more crime busting.) Not to mention a p. excellent supporting cast, including (IMO) a fab performance by Spencer House as Luke, Sterling’s v. sweet but v. airheaded boyfriend. I found myself LOL’ing dot com (muy importante these days) throughout all ten episodes of S1, and I genuinely cannot wait for S2, especially because things ended on a major cliffhanger.

In addition to the LOLs, despite the fact that homegirls go to Christian high school, there are feminist vibes, queer vibes, ALL OF THE GOOD VIBES, and I’d highly recommend giving the series a shot if you’ve not already.

THIS HAS BEEN A PSA! Watch the trailer for more context, but mainly just watch the show, ’cause this little snippet does it zero justice!