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Some DC restaurants and taverns are slated to reestablish their outdoor seating today as part of DC’s Phase One of reopening. Judging by the comments on our open thread yesterday, a lot of us aren’t ready for that just yet, even if we do miss our favorite spots and are craving some fresh air. The good news is that if you feel more comfortable sticking with take-out for the time being, you still can get a much-needed taste of spring before it gives way to summer; these six delicious dishes are available in D.C. via delivery or pick-up, and are a great way to bring some brightness to your weekend spread.


Timber Pizza Co.’s Green Monster Pizza

Zucchini is one of late spring’s best ingredients, and there is no better way to enjoy zucchini than on one of Timber Pizza Co.’s delicious pies. The green monster features a summery basil pesto that blankets the pizza dough which is then topped with kale, zucchini and feta cheese. It is super earthy, fresh and savory with a kick from the feta cheese. Enjoy it with a glass of rose!

Sababa’s Spring Onion Falafel

These crispy little nuggets are one of my favorite items at D.C.’s best fine dining Israeli spot. Super crunchy, dense, and flavorful, they come with a ranch tahini sauce, spring radishes and an onion salad. Wrap them up in one of Sababa’s doughy, freshly baked pita breads, dip them in the tahina, or eat them plain  – they are perfect in any form.


Lapis’ Aushak

Leeks are only in season through the end of spring, so now is the time to try these Afghan dumplings. Pillowy and light, these delightful dumplings are stuffed with a savory leek filling, doused in a warm split pea sauce, and then drizzled with a tangy yogurt sauce. I could seriously eat 100 of them.


Ottoman Taverna’s Muhammara

This sweet and savory spread is one of my favorite Turkish spreads. Made with red peppers, walnuts, feta cheese, and olive oil, it is rich and hearty, with just the right amount of sweet from the peppers and tang from the cheese. Bell peppers most flavorful during warmer months, so this is best time to sample this treat. Smother it on pita bread or use it as a dip for chips.


Pappe’s Onion Bhajia 

Because onions can grow in cooler weather, they are planted in the fall and then tilled in the spring. In some places, onion season is so exciting there are onion festivals, like the Vidalia onion festival in April in Georgia. If you are an onion fan, try Pappe’s new menu item, onion bhaji. These crispy onion fritters are crunchy, light, and addictive.

Equinox’s Gazpacho

Made with yellow tomatoes and pineapple, and topped with a cucumber and yellow pepper salsa, this golden gazpacho is cool and refreshing with a hint of sweetness – exactly what you need as the weather warms up.  Sprinkle with croutons and slurp up the springtime flavors!


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