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By Priya Konings

As most vegetarians know, when dining out we consider ourselves to be lucky when there is at least one vegetarian entrée on a restaurant’s menu, even if it is the average risotto/flatbread/portobello mushroom dish. What’s bad is when there is nothing but a bunch of side dishes. What’s even worse is when you ask and your waiter points at the generic “house salad” or “garden salad” or “green salad” or “mixed salad” and tells you that is the vegetarian option. I mean, who the fuck wants to eat a salad for dinner? I sure as hell don’t.

Zengo Vegetarian Menu

The good news is, there are some restaurants in DC who have figured out that 1) It is possible to make good vegetarian dishes 2) They won’t go out of business if they offer multiple vegetarian dishes 3) If your vegetarian dishes are good, meat eaters might eat them and like them.

Zengo is one of these such restaurants. They feature a separate vegetarian menu with items such as crunchy won ton tacos filled with caramelized mushrooms and guacamole, vegetarian sushi, and arepas, which are little Columbian corn cakes. The highlight on the vegetarian menu is the crispy tofu, which comes with a creamy aioli, sautéed bok choy, and fresh green onions. The perfectly seasoned crust on the tofu is sublime. Wok tossed noodles and fried rice with asparagus, corn, and mung beans are equally as good. Head over to sample these dishes whether you are veg or not!

Zengo Vegetarian MenuZengo Vegetarian MenuZengo Vegetarian MenuZengo Vegetarian MenuZengo Vegetarian Menu