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all photos: Shauna Alexander

Every year, W Hotel launches their new winter cocktail menu with a splashy Apres Ski party, complete with s’mores (with bacon), adorable staff in ski hats and more. This year was no different and while you’ll be able to find snaps of all that below, lets spend a min acquainting you with the new beverages now available at the P.O.V., just in time for this freezing weather turn.


Hot Peanut Buttered Rum is bound to be a crowd favorite and is the ringleader of the three warm drinks, which also include the Hot NOT Chocolate (also rum based, and reminiscent of those swiss miss moments of our youth, at least visually, before you get to the decidedly grown up taste) and the hot CinaApple Cider, which tastes basically like holidays in a cup, with a sticky sweet rim to boot.



In the cooler drink department the Blood Orange Old-Fashioned and the Maple Leaf were the contenders and our inner Old Fashioned fan had to probably go with that one as the drink of choice.


Still, as much as the drinks, this party always serves as a reminder that no matter what the weather-P.O.V. is a great place to both drink AND people watch. So, come prepared: