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We visited the Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse when we saw Cher. It was appropriate. A Vegas style show demands a Vegas style dining experience.

The Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse is a Vegas style restaurant. It serves rich food for rich people, or people pretending they’re rich. If you want a steak after winning/losing a substantial amount of money, you can not do any better. If you don’t want steak, you should not visit a steakhouse. Shake Shack is down the hall. FISH is down the hall. This is for the person that wants the whole steakhouse experience.

The restaurant has four distinct feels. The cocktail lounge looks like it could be on 14th Street rather than a casino. There’s a room for large groups, a warm and homey dining room and a dark and cold main dining room. The main room has an icy feel. It’s Hannibal meets The Ice Storm. It’s probably not what they were going for but it’s what I want in a steak house. Homey is cute in neighborhoods. I want a lack of feeling in a casino.

You’re not going to a steakhouse for the look, you’re going for the steak. It’s great. This is in no way surprising from chefs that have appeared on Top Chef. They’re using USDA Prime, American Wagyu and USDA Prime dry-aged 45 days steaks. They’re cooked to perfection. If they’re not to your liking, the excellent staff will get you what you want. The service is what you’d expect from a top of the line casino. It’s attentive but not overbearing. There is no way to improve the steak at this steakhouse.

The sides are much heavier than you’d expect from chefs that have appeared on Top Chef. The Bloomsdale spinach with aerated white cheddar and crispy shallots is a meal unto itself. The potato gratin is in the same boat. The Parker House rolls are entirely unnecessary and delicious. One bite of each is enough for a meal. It’s too much. But if you’re going to a casino steakhouse, you probably want too much.

We’re in the midst of VegWeek. If you’re looking for a light vegetarian meal, this is not for you. If you want steak at a steakhouse, you can’t do much better.