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All words: Dana Bleiberg
All photos: Farrah Skeiky

Welcome to your new Date Night, Impress The Parents, Special Occasion, Treat Yourself, Seal The Deal, or just Need to Get Out of The City location. Welcome to Trummer’s on Main. Trummer’s, located in Clifton, VA, is one of those rare places that is amazingly elegant without being pretentious or stuffy. The small town charm of Clifton seeps into the restaurant, making you forget you are only half an hour outside D.C. The kitchen has a new head chef–Austin Fausett, formerly of the Inn at Little Washington–and a new cocktail program crafted by owner Stefan Trummer.

The new menu at Trummer’s is broken into four sections. Currently these are Spring 2013, Vegetarian, Low Country Cooking and Contemporary. Trummer and Fausett plan to change these sections often based on what produce is local and in season. Luckily for us, we were treated to a tasting spanning all four sections. PRO TIP: reserve one of the four outside patio tables if the weather allows for it, regardless of your menu.

We were first brought a cocktail of white wine, vodka, and macerated apples which was served by the waiter first overturning a glass that encased a sprig of burnt rosemary. This cocktail was paired with raw oysters served with sea urchin, apple and celery. I wanted to eat the entire plate of these myself, but that would have been greedy.
Second was a plate of crunchy, cinnamon scented sweetbreads served on a dollop of smoked mayonnaise. Sweetbreads are the more upscale version of chicken wings as Fausett put it and I couldn’t agree more. The cocktail served with these was my favorite of the night. Bourbon, smoked peaches, lime juice, and vanilla cognac mixed together for a cocktail that tasted like peach ice cream.
Trummers_10     Trummers_14
Next was chilled cucumber soup. The soup, poured table side over chamomile yogurt, is exactly what you would want on a hot summer day. The creaminess of the soup is wonderfully perked up by pickled dill cucumbers.
Scallop carpaccio was brought out next. Thinly sliced scallops are served on a large pink scallop shell and covered in foam, giving the dish a whimsical feel. Served with bright green snap peas, candied ginger and kefir lime, the scallops are extremely refreshing.
Now on to the main courses. First we were served rockfish plated with asparagus risotto and local morel and oyster mushrooms. This is a great dish for a meat lover wanting to try fish. The rockfish is firm and substantial and the risotto is very hearty, laden with cheese and asparagus.
Coffee crusted tuna came out of the kitchen next. The tuna was, unfortunately, my least favorite dish of the evening. While the tuna was perfectly rare, and the rest of the dish was amazing (wild rice, radish and cucumbers), the coffee crust overpowered the dish.
The one non-fish entree option we sampled was the prosciutto-wrapped pork. Pork medallions enclosed in prosciutto, and served atop the best collard greens I have ever had. The pork was topped with a delicious green crumb that I later learned was a bay leaf crumble made of bay leaves, almond flour, and butter. I apparently need more bay leaf crumbles in my life.
Dessert was a strawberry rhubarb consommé served with fromage blanc ice cream and a sucre crumble. The consommé, poured tableside again, is a brilliant pink and surrounds an oval of barely sweet ice cream and green basil pearls. The pearls only lightly taste of basil but rather simply add an herbal note to the dish.
Clifton is a great town for a day trip and Trummer’s on Main is well worth the visit. When you come be sure to peek into the wine cellar–which was dug by hand underneath the kitchen–and to the upstairs, which showcases the work of various artists.
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